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Bangalore - 3 Worshiping Lord Ganesh.

Updated on February 16, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Relax,Rejoice,Party not at your club or your favorite restaurent but away at Gosai Ghat near SriRangapatana 100 K M from Bangalore.The place is so calm even the river does no sound.Over 300 years back Gosais or Sanyasis from north Kashi now Varnasi came here built the temple of Kasi Viswanatha and worshiped and meditated here.The place soothes your mind the dip in the river relaxes your body and mind.Your kids will enjoy and if you are with friends you can play games,the place is kept nice and clean.The river is with out any depth for kids near the bank.There is also the basket boat for boating.

You have to start early with all the food you need for breakfast,coffee,lunch and snacks packed.The road is good and if you start early you need not face any traffic all the way.You can also have your food packed on the way at Madur where there is a good restaurent near the bus stand.Madur vada is famous here.There is also famous wooden toy shop at Channapatana on the way.

  1. Once you are completely rested with a nap if you are in the habit you can see some places which are many,keep some places for your next holiday but do visit these places:-
  2. Tipu's Summer Palace.
  3. Sangam river Kaveri joins here once again after getting split.
  4. Nimishamba's Temple.
  5. Fort SriRangapatana.
  6. Sri.Ranganatha Temple.
  7. Tipu's Dead Body found place.
  8. Tipu's Palace fully destroyed Palace by the British Army.

Tipu's Dungeon maintained for captured British Army is very near and worth visiting.

You can be back in Bangalore or you can stay in a resort near the highway after you leave the fort of SriRangapatna if you feel like having a good rest for another 24 hours and also visit Ranganthitu a Bird Sanctuary if it is the season or not as it's also a good scenic spot.

River Cauveri - Gosai Ghat.
River Cauveri - Gosai Ghat.

Amazing Dance.


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