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Six Baseball Gifts for Men

Updated on March 28, 2013

Looking for a Great Gift for a Baseball Nut? Odds are these Picks will Blow him Away

If you are looking for a baseball gift for men? Or a baseball fan anyway... Here are six suggestions that you might love or will at the very least inspire you to think of something that is important to your baseball geek.

1. Baseball Prospectus 2013

Baseball Prospectus 2013 [Paperback]

Baseball fans love stats. That's a fact, they just can't stop talking about the obscurest of numbers. In Baseballand this is what habitants swear on in court and what is in the bedside cabinet in every hotel room, oh no it isn't because everyone would steal it. The baseball prospectus is full of baseball stats. In addition it contains top notch commentary and analysis from Baseball experts. This will bring great joy for any baseball nut throughout the entire season.

Baseball Binder

Not every baseball fan is a collector of baseball cards but some are... Getting them that rare card they are looking for might be on the expensive side but every collector is always in need of extra storage for their prized collections. If you want to give them something usefull and still be mindfull of their hobby this is the perfect baseball gift for men. Or women really but unfortunately they aren't collectors as often.

Baseball team Cap

Every baseball fan would love a gift cap of his team. You have to know which team he supports but if you there are caps for every team available. He or she is going to love it.

Watch a few of last years Baseball Highlights (2012)

Satin Baseball Jacket

Very nice satin Baseball jacket. Baseball jackets have that cool look to them that is very fashionable and yet it will please a real baseball fan to wear one. He might not even realize he is being fashionable. The shiny satin gives it a dressed look that looks very fresh.

5. The original Moneyball

Moneyball paperback

It has been around for a while now but Moneyball is a contemporary Baseball classic. Learn how hedgefund tactics and math will change the face of Baseball forever. How whizzkids will lift the level of baseball to new levels of greatness that haven't been seen in history before.

Vintage baseball packs

This is going to delight a new collector or even an established one and you can even turn a non-collector onto a new hobby with this cool set of vintage baseball packs. The set contains 25 packs that have never been opened and contain pieces of baseball history and perhaps that one rare money card... For sure an exciting gift.


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