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Bath and Body Works Christmas Scents and Gift Sets

Updated on August 22, 2011

 It is that time of year! The time of year that Bath and Body Works brings out some of its Holiday favorites!  Peppermint Twist, Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple, just to name a few!    These are perfect Christmas gifts for your best friend, your Mom or your sister. And while you are at it pick something up for yourself!  You know you will.  Check out the selection here and and stock up now.  These make great stocking stuffers!

The Bath and Body Works Signature Collection bring you a Holiday Classic, Twisted Peppermint. The lotion is packed with vitamins an jojoba oils.It has Shea Butter to help keep your skin hydrated all day. Peppermint Twist has a hint of white sugar, mixed with peppermint and a hint of vanilla. The lotion comes in 8 ounces.

Be sure to get the Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint in a body Splash. It comes in 8 Oz. One customer review gave this product three and a half out of five stars. Customers say they like the smell and warn you that it is not watered down!

For some extra Holiday Shimmer, get the Twisted Peppermint Shimmer Splash.

 The Bath and Body Works Spiced Gingersnap has a warm ginger and icing fragrance.  It comes in an 8 ounce lotion.  Also available is the Spiced Gingersnap shimmer for a warm holiday glow.

The Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel is definitelyon one of the most popular holiday scents from Bath and Body Works. Already it is selling out!   This fragrance smells like a combination of french vanilla bean, warm Carmel and cream.The Noel Vanilla Bean lotion contains aloe Vera and many other pampering oils. Get your holiday glow with the Vanilla Bean Noel Shimmer. Love the scent? Then add a bit of Vanilla Noel Bean Body Spray!  One customer gave this scent five out of five stars. She says it does not exactly smell like vanilla but is a combination of warm gooey toasted marshmallows!  You can find this scent in many other forms, hand sanitizers, body creams and shower gels just to name a few.

The Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple has a fragrance made of crisp apple, candied orange, pineapple and cinnamon scents.  This popular scent comes in a 8 oz body splash and an 8 oz body lotion.  Customer reviews are very favorable.  The website and customers claims that this scent is not sold in stores any longer.  You can find this scent here in many forms including shower gel and even candles.  Check website for sweet deals on purchasing all three!

The Bath and Body Works Vanilla Fig collection has a fragrance of fresh fig nectar, poaches peach, vanilla extract and decadent warm drizzle. It comes in a 10 oz lotion and an 8 oz fragrance mist to spray in your home. Customers really like the smell. Shower gels are also available in this scent. If you are really a fan then try out a Bath and Body Works Vanilla Fig Candle!

The Bath and Body Works Yuletide Pear Body fragrance smells like crisp pears with a twist of vanilla. The lotion comes in a 10 oz bottle and is available in body cream as well as body spray.  Don't forget this intoxicating scent comes in home fragrances too such as candles and fragrances mists!

 New for 2010 is the fragrance Snowkissed Berry.  This fragrance is a combination of crisp apple, candied orange and rich cinnamon spice.  It is available in an 8 oz body cream.  Hurry this fragrance is selling out soon!

Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple and Festive Vanilla Fig Body Lotion Gift Set

 Undecided about which Bath and Body Works Holiday Scent to get?  Try this holiday pack.  It contains three 2 oz trial size lotions.  The kit includes Vanilla Bean Noel,Festive Vanilla Fig, and Winter Candy Apple.  This makes a perfect gift on it's own or a great stocking stuffer!

What is your favorite Bath and Body Works Holiday fragrance?

Which scent is your favorite?

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    • Spider Girl profile image

      Spider Girl 7 years ago from the Web

      Great scents, a perfect gift idea too :) Rated beautiful!