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Lent & Easter Reflections

Updated on February 2, 2018

In the Our Father we pray "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." This is a part of the perfect prayer that was given to us by Jesus Christ.

God gave us as human beings the ability to choose for ourselves which path to take and that choice is called "Free Will." The decision is ours whether or not we act towards one another in an honorable way.

I find it inspiring that Christ took that decision and turned it back on himself in the Our Father. If we truly ask for his help in our decisions and accept the path that he gives us in his answers, our lives will become more serene as we accept what is given. We will truly believe that we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. God always answers our prayers. We just might not always like the answer. Yes, God does say "no" sometimes. Accept the answer and move on to do what God has chosen for you.

During this Lenten Season, take the time, which comes from my first reflection on the season, and listen for God's answer to your prayers. Secondly, accept God's guidance and continue working in a responsible manner in your dealings with your brothers and sisters in this world.

Remember also that this entails loving your neighbor as yourself. Christ said this was the second greatest commandment after Loving God with your whole heart and soul. This isn't always easy since that means total forgiveness and forgetting whatever has been a thorn in our side towards that person.

This year is extremely difficult for me because during last year's Lenten season the Lord chose to take my son home. This wasn't the first of my children to leave for that journey into what we do not know what to expect. However, he was my first born, who lived with me and who I had spent the last several years aiding in his illnesses and handicaps.

When Easter morning came last year, I was in a serene place because I knew that Christ had taken him home. Needless to say, over the year I have gone through all of the steps of grief and find myself back here. Good Friday will be the anniversary of the day he left me and I will spend this Lenten season getting ready to say my final goodbye because it was God's Will that he go and be free from his pains. I, in turn, will follow his Will by what he has given me, whatever that may be.


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