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Beautiful Friendship Cookies!

Updated on January 29, 2011

Have you talked to your girlfriend lately?

Our lives can be very busy making it difficulte to keep in touch with good friends. We need to take time out and show our friends how important they are to us. So pick up the phone or send an email letting your girlfriends know you are never to busy for them.

Or better yet, send them a special friendship cookie & tea gift. This is such a great idea! Chocolate covered cookies sport a beautiful, honey bee themed edible image with a special message: I can not sit and talk with you, The way I'd like to do. So enjoy a special cookie and cup of tea, I'll think of you - you think of me! Elegantly packaged, sure to delight.

What a surprise it will be when she receives your special, thoughtful gift. A gift just for her because your friendship means so much to you.




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