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Beautiful Gifts for Mom

Updated on April 23, 2014

Diamond Earrings for Mom


Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is upon us, and many of us are looking to find the perfect gift for mom. So, it is time to start looking for something unique. Many mothers’ love jewelry everything from sterling silver to gold can be the perfect gift.

Kay Jewelers offers the Open Heart Pendant, this is a lovely piece of jewelry that helps to express how much the recipient is loved and appreciated. These necklaces start at around one hundred dollars, and can be personalized as needed. The Mother’s Heart Necklace is a birthstone necklace that will hold up to six birthstones. This can be given in place of a Mother’s ring if mom prefers necklaces to rings.

Diamond earrings and pendants are always a perfect gift for mom, but don’t forget about charms. Charms can be beautiful and perfect when just the right one is chosen. There are many charms to choose from, so many; in fact, it is possible to have a hard time selecting just one.

The Origami Owl Company also has nice selections, choose from different styles of necklaces, and put the perfect charm inside. They have charms for every occasion and mom will be delighted to have such a nice piece to remind her of how much you love her.

Diamond earrings are still the standard, and as always a great gift for mom anytime of the year. How do you select the perfect diamond?

1. Make sure that you choose a reputable jeweler. They should be expertly trained, open and willing to answer any questions you may have. They should be able to provide you with clear and simple answers to your questions.

2. Do you understand the 4 C’s of diamond quality? They are color, clarity, cut, and carat.

3. Feel free to insist on a diamond grading report, a reputable jeweler will provide you with this.

4. Protect your purchase by insuring your diamonds.

There is always the option of personalized jewelry for mom. You may want to choose something out of the ordinary to celebrate an extraordinary mom.

Alex and Ani is a great place to start if you want something a bit different and special. This jewelry is made in America and is of excellent quality. The company is eco friendly with products they promote as having positive energy, and the power to lift the spirit. Here the customer will find a great deal of powerful symbolism and meaning, and be able to capture the essence of the recipient.

Alex and Ani jewelry is of high quality, comfortable, and very affordable.

There is always the tried and true Mother’s ring. It can be found in sterling silver, silver, and gold depending on how much you would like to spend.

Finally, have you considered a jewelry box? This can make a wonderful gift for mom, a beautiful box given with love to hold the important jewelry in her life.

Mom is a special person in our lives and sometimes we struggle to find just the thing that will tell her how much she means, sometimes we just need to tell her how we feel along with a gift.

Open Heart Necklace


History of Mother's Day

What is the history of Mother’s Day? Mother’s were celebrated as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, and the early Christian’s celebrated too. The Christians celebrated to honor the Virgin Mary the mother of Christ. This was eventually expanded to include all mothers.

Julia Ward Howe was the first to suggest an official celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States. She was an activist in and was brought to fame by her famous song “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” It was in 1872 that she started her passionate appeal for Mother’s Day.

Ultimately Anna Jarvis is known as the Founder of Mother’s Day. Interestingly Anna never married or had any children, but she worked hard to honor all mothers, and bring to light the contributions they make.

Today Mother’s Day is growing in popularity and is celebrated in over 46 countries.

Mother's Rings

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What to Buy for Mom?

What does your mom like?

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Perfume for Mom

Have you considered a perfume for mom; do you know what her personal preference? Does she like soft mild scents, or is she bold? Does she like a distinct aroma?

The act of wearing perfume makes one feel good and is a statement of their personality. There’s a great variety of perfumes available to choose from, many times the perfume bottle is as appealing as the scent.

If you are unable to see your mother on Mother’s Day you may consider a purchase online and have it sent directly to her. This is a lovely gesture and will not go unnoticed by mom.





Mother's Day Facts

Interesting facts about Mother’s Day:

  1. Congress officially made it a holiday in 1914, and is celebrated the second Sunday of May.

  2. The founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis was unhappy about Mother’s Day becoming commercialized.

  3. Mother’s Day is not celebrated on the same day in every country.

  4. Carnations are the most popular Mother’s Day flower

  5. A Russian lady named Mrs. Vassilyev she gave birth to 69 children in 27 pregnancies. She had no single births.

  6. Even those who do not go home for Mother’s Day call home to mom

  7. Kids spend the most on Mother’s Day

  8. About 152 million Mother’s Day cards are given on Mother’s Day

  9. M is for mother in almost all languages around the world.

  10. There are approximately 84.5 million mothers in the U.S.

Alex and Ani, Tribute to Mom

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