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What are the best beautiful flowers for all occasions

Updated on February 21, 2011
Flowers are always a good gift idea
Flowers are always a good gift idea

Giving Beautiful Flowers: A Traditional Gift for New Births and Christening

The birth of a new child is truly a gift to its parents, and there can be no other gifts to celebrate this occasion than by giving beautiful flowers, which is apparently a traditional gift that symbolizes fertility, motherhood and a new life. Flowers have been a popular gift for new births as well as christenings too. Most often than not bouquets of flower are usually given during these occasions and to make these bouquets more meaningful, it would be advisable to choose the kind of flower that specially correspond to the child’s birth month.

In giving beautiful flowers like these, it is important to know what type of flower corresponds to each birth month. Carnation is usually the flower for the month of January and among the most popular. For February, both the Violet and Iris are the traditional flowers for this month. On the other hand, the Daffodils are for March and Daisies and Peonies for April which all symbolizes sunshine, warmth and happiness.

The white Lily symbolizes virtue and humility and apparently this is the flower for the month of May, the bold colors of the Rose represent June and the flowers that are usually associated with July and August are the Delphinium or Larkspur, and the Gladiolus. The months of September, October, November and December are usually represented by Aster, Marigold, Chrysanthemum and Poinsettia respectively.

Giving beautiful flowers will surely be the greatest gift that you can give new parents as a welcome gift for their child. In addition to this, you might also add some other gifts as well such as new born baby needs like feeding bottles, pillows, baby clothes and the like or if you wanted to, you might also bring in some fruits or balloons as well. Having a new born is a priceless gift from God and giving a bouquet of flowers will make it even more special.

Flowers Are Also A Very Special Birthday Present

If someone really close to you is celebrating her birthday, you might probably think what kind of gift you can give to make her feel loved and happy during that very special day of her life. Giving beautiful flowers is a timeless gift and a truly wonderful idea to surprise a girlfriend, a friend, a mother or any special woman in your life. You can select some beautiful flowers such as roses or tulips and send them to her home or office or if you want it to be more personal, it would be a great surprise if you give it to her personally.

Aside from giving beautiful flowers, you might just as well plan for a surprise birthday party or prepare a special dinner for your loved one to make her feel more special. You can simply order the meals from your favorite restaurant or you can prepare her favorite dishes at home instead. It would be a very pleasant surprise if you have lovingly prepared the meals for your loved-one. Surely she will greatly appreciate the effort that you have made.

In preparing this surprise party you might as well invite some of your closest friends and relatives as well. This will surely complete the birthday celebration of your loved-one whether it is your mother, a friend or your girlfriend. It would also be nice to prepare a small gift like her favorite book or CD aside from giving beautiful flowers as long as it is within your budget.

Birthday gifts are usually loved and cherished by everyone irrespective of the age of a person. It would always be nice to know that a loved-one have prepared something for you thus, making your special day a very memorable one. And what could even be memorable for someone who is celebrating her birthday than to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from someone special, this will truly make her birthday a happy one.


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