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Best 2010 Hallowen Costumes for Kids

Updated on September 23, 2010
halloween is the night a child get to become what she dreams of,bandini,
halloween is the night a child get to become what she dreams of,bandini,

Every child has a dream of becoming somebody one day. This is why Halloween is a much cherished festivity for all children. Whether your girl dreams of being a princess or your boy has always said he wants to be a fire man when he grows up, Halloween night will make it happen. If your child has already in mind a particular costume, do your best to let him or her have it. Do not force your opinions but let your child be what she has always dreamed of being for at least once in her lifetime. Following is a list of some of the best Halloween costumes for kids in 2010.

The Best Halloween Costumes for Kids in 2010

Halloween costume trends often follow the flow of movies. Favorite movie characters therefore seem to take charge of the scene. We will recognize many costumes as if they just popped out from the movie theaters. Traditional costumes however still will stay in the hearts of many, bringing back a touch of nostalgia to all.

• Avatar

Kids and adults this year will magically  transform into their own versions of Na'vi-human hybrids. We will recognize Jake Sully and Neytiri promptly amidst the crowd. Expect to see blue men and blue women with characteristic Navi ears and Avatar wigs. The Avatar movie will certainly play a major influence in this year's choice of costumes.

• Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia success has generated a large crowd of fans and we will certainly see several clones of Prince Dastan this coming Halloween. Girls dreaming of becoming princesses one day will enjoy dressing up as Princess Tamina.  We will see the return of gauntlets, daggers, swords and amulets.

• Alice in the Wonderland

Of course, this big movie hit has played a big role in the release of this year's costumes. Girls will likely want to dress up and dream of sipping on a cup of tea in this Disney’s created magical world. Other costumes revolve around other characters of this movie. Expect to see rabbit hats, queen of hearts crowns mad hatter costumes.

• Toy Story

With the release of Toy Story 3 we will certainly see a vast array of Buzz Lightyears, Woodies, three eyed aliens and Bo peeps. Children who loved this sequel will certainly find it fascinating to dress up as their favorite characters and live in the magical world of Toy Story for one special Halloween night.

• Iron Man

This other 2010 movie hit has strongly influenced as well this year's choice of costumes. More than one boy will dream of putting on the armor and using his super powers. Iron Man super heroes will certainly be quite abundant in this year's 2010 Halloween costumes.

• Classics

Of course, classic costumes will never fade away. Girls will still love to dress up as Cinderellas, Snow White, fairies and strawberry shortcake. Boys on the other hand may still enjoy dressing up as Frankenstein, count Dracula, incredible Hulks and SWAT officers. Classic costumes still remain trendy as long as they continue to attract a child's imagination.

These are estimated to be some of the most popular costumes we will see children wearing this year. It is a good idea to purchase some of these costumes early as they may be expected to run out fast. Your child may want to follow the movie trends or go with something classic. Let your child choose what he or she thinks is best and get ready for  a long night of trick or treating this Halloween 2010.


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