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Best 5 unique gift ideas for men to surprise him | What gifts men like

Updated on April 6, 2012

If you are wondering what does man like as a gift for this holiday season, you are in the right website. I like to share with you the best selling holiday gifts for men this year.These are unique gift experiences to surprise men.

What gift to present to your man depends on what your man is most interested in. However, there are some general things most men like. In fact these are the best selling gifts this year. Give him something new which he can never imagine that you will gift him.

1. 3D TV with internet connection

Does you man like watching TV ? Will he enjoy watching TV in 3D? Does he likes browsing Internet? Then he will love this new technology where TV and internet is combined? Toshiba Cinema Series 3D LED TV would be an ideal gift for your man. The Cinema Series 3DTV combines elegant design, 3D LED picture quality, and a wide array of available Internet content to create a new dimension in quality and style.

For real 3D video, just pair the device with Toshiba Active Shutter 3D glasses, and he could enjoy Blu-ray 3D discs, along with a growing amount of broadcast content. 3D footage is shot with two special cameras spaced apart 2.5 inches to mimic our eyes. These state-of-the-art glasses create a dazzling 3D effect by opening and closing lenses 120 times per second. Wah!!

It has Built-in Wi-Fi too. This television can access his home wireless network without the need for a wired connection. Toshiba's Net TV personalized Internet content is available with just a few clicks of the remote, with Yahoo! TV Widgets. Simply visit the Widget Gallery on his TV and choose from a vast selection that includes Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pandora, YouTube and many more.

This TV allows him to enjoy photos, movies or music files stored on a USB device or SD Memory Card. He can also enjoy photos, movies, or music files directly from his PC by connecting the TV to his home network. DLNA certification means the TV can also access DLNA-enabled devices such as network storage drives, etc.

He can also play computer games using this. Gaming Mode supercharges his playing by reducing game controller delay, allowing the video signal to bypass select internal TV circuitry, shortening signal-to-screen time. Perfect for modern gaming systems.

Toshiba 3D TVs don't skimp on audio, either. They come with built-in stereo speakers, plus advanced audio technologies including Audyssey EQ to equalize sound for the entire room.

Amazon has some offers this season. For a limited time, you can get two free pairs of 3D glasses when you purchase a Toshiba 55-inch 3D Cinema Series LED HDTV from Check the Amazon link below to purchase this item. Also Amazon price includes free shipping.

You can buy this product at a cheaper rate if you buy through Amazon (check the link below). Amazon price of this Internet TV is $1,599.99

2.The Way of Kings (epic fantasy series)

If he likes fantasy this book will be an ideal gift for him. This massive tome is the first of a 10-part epic fantasy series from relative newcomer Sanderson (Mistborn), best known for his efforts to complete the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

In a storm-swept world where history has dwindled into myth, self-serving aristocrats squabble over mystical weapons that render their bearers immune to mundane attacks. Race-related plot themes may raise some eyebrows, and there's no hope for anything resembling a conclusion in this introductory volume, but Sanderson's fondness for misleading the reader and his talent for feeding out revelations and action scenes at just the right pace will keep epic fantasy fans intrigued and hoping for redemptive future installments. May be an nice surprise for your boyfriend.

Check the Amazon link on the right to purchase this book.

3. A Swiss Watch

Do you think a best selling watch will surprise him? Swiss Army Men's Classic XLS Chronograph Black Dial Watch would be an ideal gift for him. A versatile timepiece that is ideal for daily wear, the Swiss Army Men's Classic XLS Chronograph Black Dial Watch has a  refined, circular dial with Arabic numeral hour indexes, luminous silver-toned hour and minute hands, a striking red seconds hand, and a discreet date display at six o'clock. The three subdials has full chronograph function while a black-plated, stainless steel bezel is inscribed with a tachymeter. Wah!! Paired with an ultra scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the stainless steel case protects the dial and provides durability. The classic, stainless steel bracelet is secured with a deployment clasp. This watch is water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters) too.

Purchase this watch using the Store Card and pay no interest if paid in full within 12 months. Check the Amazon link to this watch on the right.

4. Long Sleeve Crew Neck Stripe Sweater

Some men like simple gifts. I think men look good in a long sleeve crew neck stripe sweater. Williamson Mens 100% Cashmere is a best selling sweater and would be an ideal gift for him

5. A Rechargeable Shaver

He may be having a shaver, but this is new technology. Nanotechnology is used in this razer to achieve better cutting performance. This razor's expanded cutting surface not only provides an efficient shave, but it also spreads the pressure, which naturally occurs when applying the shaver to the skin, so he will find it to perform without the irritation found on lesser models. The fourth finishing blade provides an additional cutting opportunity not found on triple-blade shavers. In addition, the foils and blades on this razor are "arced" so they nestle gently into the skin for his closest shave ever. The foil glides evenly for uniform shaving on all surfaces of the face. Wah!! What about a lovely kiss after using this new technology razor?

If you like to give this gift, you can buy this product through Amazon (Check the link below). Amazon price for this product is $94.99 .

If you are not satisfied by these suggestions, just click on the Amazon link below and you can search right from there other products.

Good Luck and I hope you have found an ideal gift for your beloved.


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