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Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Updated on July 18, 2011
Cute romantic gift for your boyfriend- a teddy bear!
Cute romantic gift for your boyfriend- a teddy bear!

How to Find the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

So, it's here- your boyfriend's birthday. Whether you've been dating a long time or are just starting in a new relationship, choosing a gift for boyfriends is always a bit intimidating.

You want to buy something special, something he' ll love, a gift that isn't ordinary. Think of subjects he's interested in, his hobbies, the music he likes, what makes him happy or gets him excited (besides you).

Keep in mind how long you've dated and how serious the relationship is as well. For new boyfriends, a card is really enough. You don't want to scare him off with matching broken heart necklaces or something like that. It sounds funny, but some girls do it.

If you're still stumped, ask his friends or family members. At least those you trust to be able to keep a secret and also that won't intentionally steer you down the wrong path for a good laugh. Hey, it happens.

What if you can't afford to buy a gift for your boyfriend? Well, if he really cares, he won't mind and he will understand. But there are many inexpensive gifts for your boyfriend that he would like if you put a little bit of time into it. Even a simple card still shows you care and that you thought of him on his special day. Here are some inexpensive or even free gifts for boyfriends that may work:

You've seen them in malls and shops- those love coupons and such. Why pay $10-20 for them? Especially with today's computers, it's easy to make these yourself for your boyfriend. Plus, they can be personalized to suit him perfectly, and you don't have to worry about him using a coupon that you don't especially want to honor. I mean, who wants to massage his stinky feet?

A similar idea is a mixed CD with songs you already own. Pick songs that you know he likes, songs you heard together during a special moment, or songs that express your feeling. Or just put together a CD of goofy songs that will make him laugh.

Along the same line, give him a free night out with the guys and no guilt attached, stuff like that. Or offer to wash his car, take care of his dog for the weekend, you get the picture.

Hpwever, if you do have some money to spend on your boyfriend, here is some help in finding the best birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend. No matter what his personality, I think you will find a suitable gift for your boyfriend right here.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend If He's a Music Lover

If he loves his music, one of the best birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend is a quality set of in ear headphones.

In ear headphones are comfortable and convenient to take along wherever you go. Quality in ear headphones will deliver rich sound and block out distractions.

Your boyfriend will thank you many times for this useful gift.

More Boyfriend Gifts for the Music Lover or Neat Freak

Set of 6 recycled coasters made from vintage vinyl lp albums. Featuring various artists and music genres, he will get a kick out of this gift.

One of the most unique gift ideas for your boyfriend ever! He will really enjoy it if he's a music lover or has a game room. Actually, this boyfriend gift fits many types- boyfriends that like to be trendy, that are fashionable, or environmentally conscious. If your boyfriend has just moved into a new apartment or dorm or will be soon, this is a great gift for him. Or if your boyfriend is always complaining about his roommate's (or your!) messes, this is the perfect gift.

Office Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend works in an office or is studying at his desk often for school, then it makes perfect sense to get him a gift for the office or something more personalized for his desk.

The gift can be perfectly suited to his personality as well. Maybe a wacky demotivational poster. Or moleskine notebooks. (If your boyfriend would like this, believe me, you already know what they are.)

Maybe a personalized paperweight with both of you in a photo? Or how about a framed photo of the two of you? Or his dog? No kidding, that would be a great gift for a boyfriend.

If he's more high tech, get a digital photo frame. More on those farther down the page. Or maybe some cool business apps for his phone. Or a new phone, if you've got that kind of dough.

Or check out the desk globes below for more boyfriend gift ideas if he spends lots of time at a desk.

More Desktop Globes for the Executive Type Boyfriend

Office Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend- Desk Globes

Whether your boyfriend is currently a student stuck at a desk studying, an executive in an expensive office with an oak desk, or cramped up in an ugly cubicle, these desk globes are a perfect gift for him.

This crystal desktop globe for him is a true work of art and beauty. Timeless and classic in style, he will think of you every time he sees it! It includes a clock in its base.

Or choose a gemstone globe that is truly beautiful. Small gemstone chips have been put together like a mosaic. The gemstone colors to look just like a globe, including the deep blue ocean and all of the continents. A gift that lasts forever.

Or choose other business or desk style gifts by clicking on one of the links and browsing. There are literally thousands of boyfriend gift ideas.

Sophisticated Boyfriend Gifts

Is your boyfriend a high wheeler, have a prestigious job in the banking industry or on Wall Street, or maybe he just likes to look good? Then check out the following cufflinks. They are unique, fashionable, classic, and stylish.

The bull and bear cufflinks is the perfect boyfriend gift for a guy that works on Wall Street or aspires to someday.

Compass cufflinks are perfect gifts for the boyfriend who is the more adventurous and daring type. They are also an excellent gift for frequent travelers. Or maybe just so he can always find his way back to you.

The famous mercury dime cufflinks are suitable as above for a boyfriend in the banking or financial industry. And of course, they are an awesome gift for a boyfriend that collects coins. Also, these cufflinks would make a great boyfriend gift for a man that is on his way up the career ladder, whatever that may be, who knows he will be a success someday.

Educated? Game Lover? More Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

This medieval chess set will be a delightful gift for any game lover!

This heavy chess set is made out of alabaster and wood. He will love this thoughtful gift with lots of detail in each of the chess pieces. It makes a nice display, too.

If you need a gift idea for your boyfriend who loves games, this is it.

Comes with a carved case that makes it easy to store and take anywhere. It currently has a perfect 5 star rating from buyers. And check out the price! Currently it's more than half off!

Chess Sets Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

One of the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend If He Loves Golf

If your boyfriend loves sports, chances are he's a golf nut. If he doesn't already already have one of these golf gps units, he will love you even more for giving him such a great gift!

And this one is at an affordable price with excellent reviews by users. Check out the link for more information.

Birthday Gift Idea to Pamper Your Boyfriend

Want to pamper your man for his birthday or some other special occasion? How about this luxurious, eco conscious bamboo terry robe that is full-length for the ultimate in comfort?

Gift Ideas for Funny Boyfriends

Or maybe it should read funny gifts for boyfriends? Either way, these beer holster are fun and funny. If your boyfriend enjoys his beer, especially during cookouts and such, this beer holster is not only fun, but also handy! Choose from a more classy leather beer holster or the country version in camo.

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Him If He's the Life of the Party

One of the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for All Boyfriends

This 7 inch digital photo frame is a fun birthday gift idea for your boyfriend.

Load all of your best memories onto this sentimental gift. Whenever he wants to, he can go back in time to remember all of the good times he's had with you.

It's in a classic style that will fit any d├ęcor. This digital photo frame is extremely thin. It's small enough to fit anywhere, even a crowded desk.

And it does more than showcase photos. It's also an alarm and a clock! Plus it includes Bluetooth and wireless capability, audio, and video.

This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend that you can buy. What makes it better is that this particular boyfriend gift suits any personality, so you know you can't go wrong!

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    • profile image

      angel rister 3 years ago

      Have no idea still wat to get my boyfriend

    • profile image

      bizi 3 years ago

      There is also IPhone app (What to get my boyfriend) for that, its very nice. It asks you questions about relationship and his character,,in the end it gives you suggestions, of course you can set the budget and also his birthday reminder. Its cute and useful, I am sure they have bunch of small cheep unusual gift ideas and they as well have DIY ideas.

    • profile image

      tye 5 years ago

      Great ideas!

    • 1stPhotoInvites profile image

      1stPhotoInvites 6 years ago

      In some ways you really gave me the best ideas.