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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Runners 2013

Updated on November 4, 2013

It can be difficult coming up with gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas.

However, if you are purchasing a gift for someone that likes to run then there are many options available to you from the inexpensive to the expensive depending on your budget.

Here are some ideas for gifts for the runner in your life.

A Subscription To Runner's World Magazine

You can purchase a subscription to the magazine Runner's World.

This gift will surely be appreciated as it is filled with excellent advice and articles relating to running from diet tips, to training information and in depth interviews with running's rising stars.

It has useful information for all levels of runner's from those just starting out trying to complete their first 5K to experienced marathoners.

The gift of a subscription to Runner's World magazine is a gift that will be continually shared each month as they receive a new issue in the mail.

Garmin GPS Runner's Watch

If you have a runner in your life you likely know how obsessed they can be with miles run, time run and calories burned.

The Garmin captures all of this information for the runner in a small easy to use wristwatch.

The runner can set out for a run wearing the Garmin watch and the Garmin will be able to tell them when they return exactly how far they ran, what their average heart rate was, how many calories they burned and what their pace was. All of this is information the runner in your life can use to improve their race performances and that is a gift they will surely appreciate.

The Garmin can also be plugged into a computer and the running data will automatically be downloaded so it can be tracked and studied over time. This information can be used to determine where a runner is improving or where they may want to focus their attention depending on their running goals.

Another reason the Garmin is such a great gift is its ease of use, you don't have to be tech savvy at all to use it effectively.

Running Shoes

One of the beauties of running is it's low cost. You don't need a lot of fancy equipment or a gym membership to enjoy the sport.

That said the biggest expense for most runner's are running shoes. A good pair of running shoes will prevent injury and is the most important piece of equipment for the sport of running.

Running shoes also have to be changed often as they lose their effectiveness after 300-500 miles. A typical runner averaging 20 miles per week will need to replace their running shoes every 3 to 4 months.

For that reason a gift of a pair of new running shoes will be greatly appreciated by the runner in your life.

If you know the brand they like and their shoe size you can purchase them a pair on or another excellent shoe store Zappos.

If you don't feel comfortable picking out the shoes yourself purchasing them a gift card for running shoes is always a good option too.

Running Socks

Second only to running shoes a proper pair of running socks is of utmost importance to the runner in your life. A good pair of running socks help prevent blisters and blisters are the arch enemy of any runner.

Yes, socks may seem to rank near the top of lame gifts list along with ties and fruitcakes but a runner truly will appreciate a few pairs of quality running socks.

A good pair of running socks can cost upwards of $10 a pair so they are not cheap and an avid runner may go through several pairs in a month.

Therefore, though socks may not make the best stand alone gift they make excellent stocking stuffers and are also a great addition to a pair of running shoes or added to a gift basket with a running motif.

Books on Running

The only thing avid runners like to do more than running is to read about running.

There are several very well written books on the subject of running, some of which are even quite interesting even if you don't run such as Born to Run. Born To Run is simply a very good book that just happens to be about running.

Born To Run investigates an elusive tribe in Mexico that have somehow mastered the art of distance running. It also chronicles the development of the modern running shoe and the Nike company and covers the recent boom in ultra distance running races which are 50 to 100 miles long.

If you are looking for a gift for a runner and they haven't read this book get it for them. They will not be disappointed.

Race Entries

If you know a runner, odds are they like to run in races from 5K's to Marathons.

The pinnacle of all races is the Boston Marathon which requires a runner to qualify to enter the race each year. Though most runners will never be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon there are literally hundreds of other races to enter on any given weekend.

Race entry fees can be expensive. The average cost of a 5K is around $30 and the average cost of a marathon is around $75.

So if you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to run in races purchasing them an entry to a race would make an excellent gift.

You can register for almost all races these days online, so simply choose a race for your friend, go to their website and purchase the entry for them.

They should send an email to your friend if you choose or you can likely print out a certificate that you can present to them as a gift inside of a greeting card.

However you choose to present the race entry to them it will be a much appreciated gift.


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