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Best Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on January 1, 2012

Birthday parties are times to celebrate a coming of each age and a great a chance for everyone to get to together for this special event.

The best birthday party ideas are always drawn from current events and what has happened in everyone's particular life. An example would be singer Lady Gaga coming to your town to perform, and therefore while everyone is hyped up on this performer, a party themed to dress like Lady Gaga's outrageous fashion style is perfect!

Another instance would be a funny incident that happened at school and if everyone that are attending the party also all attended that school, a whole party themed around an inside joke will sure to give it that sense of uniqueness.

Child Birthday Party Ideas

If it is a birthday boy, why not have a pirate themed party? At this age, where boys still believe girls have "cooties" and girls believe boys have germs, chances are if it is your son's birthday, the majority of the party goers will be other boys from school. In this case, having a manly pirate party is sure to please.

If it a for a birthday girl, have a glamorous party where they can dress up as princesses in fairy tale stories. Go the distance to make it surreal such as having decorations, and even party themed invitation cards. We only get birthdays once a year so make the most out of it!

Teens Birthday Party Ideas

This is the age where people begin to break away from the norm and try to showcase their individuality, where they try to be one step ahead of the latest fashion trend or in on the gossip.

A birthday party themed around a current event, latest trend or item is sure to arouse curiosity. As mentioned earlier, if a well accepted movie was just released or an international music artist is going to perform nearby and was the latest buzz, this is perfect for a teenager's birthday. 

Young Adults Birthday Party Ideas

At this stage in life, we become more mature. However, we will always have that little kid inside all of us. A birthday is an excellent excuse to release it and to travel back in time to what it was like when we were still children. The theme could be one of retro ideas such as the disco era. 

It can also be something new but made for children such as a playground or kid's playland. It will be ingenious and very original, secretively loved as everyone is able to unleash their inner child, and commemorated for having the coming up with an idea without the fear of being viewed as childish. Either way, be sure to have fun and explore all the possibilities for the best birthday party ideas!


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