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Best Bunnies for Children for Easter

Updated on February 26, 2014

Parents should avoid purchasing live rabbits for their children for Easter. Here are some reasons.

It's that time of year again, and the kiddos will be looking for bunnies that lay eggs, the chicks that hatch from the eggs, and the adorable lambs that have come to represent Spring to everyone and Jesus to Christians. If you're smart, you know that purchasing a live animal for your child is a mistake, but that doesn't mean that you can't give your kiddo something that will light up their face on Easter morning when they find that carefully-hidden basket!

This year, do something for your children that will give them some genuine happiness through the day and in the days and weeks to come. It doesn't have to be a live animal to make your child light up with excitement! Amid all the candy and eggs, give your child something to cuddle and to keep the magic alive in their lives.

Bashful Beige Bunny, by Jellycat, is one of the top-rated stuffed bunnies on Amazon, and would work well for a young child.
Bashful Beige Bunny, by Jellycat, is one of the top-rated stuffed bunnies on Amazon, and would work well for a young child. | Source

The Symbolism of the Rabbit

Whenever we think of Easter, most people in the Western World think first of the Easter Bunny, but what does this have to do with Easter? Rabbits are a symbol of fertility. Have you ever heard the expression "breed like rabbits?" Because the Spring is widely associated with fertility and the breeding of new animals, the rabbit has become a symbol for this type of rigorous breeding and therefore became associated with the pagan Spring fertility rites that are still practiced today by modern Wiccans and Neo-Pagans.

In short, the Easter Bunny isn't a Christian symbol, but a symbol of the spring and fertility, often used in pagan rites as a representation of the fertile earth and the coming warmth of the year. It takes its place in Ostara, celebrated on the Vernal Equinox (March 20th in 2014).

Bunnies have their place in Easter Baskets, but may not be appropriate in Christian homes if you are looking not to allow secularism into your home.

Bashful Bunny from Jellycat is the Highest Rated Easter Bunny on Amazon

This adorable little guy comes in a number of colors and is perfect for younger children! His body is soft and floppy and the fur is delightfully soft. Reviewers love this little bunny for young children, and it should last a child into the months and years to come. Bring joy to your child this Easter by giving one of these sweet Bashful Bunnies from Jellycat!

These bunnies come in a number of sizes, but those advertised here are the 12" medium rabbit. The bunnies stand 12" when they are standing, not when they are sitting, so be prepared for the rabbit to perhaps appear smaller than what you were anticipating on purchase.

Realistic stuffed rabbits are a good substitute for live rabbits.
Realistic stuffed rabbits are a good substitute for live rabbits. | Source

Realistic Stuffed Bunnies Make Great Substitutes for Live Rabbits

What kid wouldn't want to get a live rabbit for Easter? If your child has been begging you for a pet rabbit, you already know it's not a good idea to provide them with the real (live) thing, but why not opt for something with a realistic look to it?

This bunny is adorable, soft and cuddly with a soft body. The floppy ears make a great, cute addition to this little rabbit, and your son or daughter is sure to love it for Easter! Be aware that it's a relatively small toy at 9" in length. A good size for little hands to hold and cuddle!

An older Ty bunny.
An older Ty bunny. | Source

Adorable Ty Bunnies Make Great "Pets" for Easter!

You probably already know that Ty has a fantastic line of stuffed animals. Beanie Babies were all the rage in the nineties and now the "Beanie Boos" are becoming very popular as well. If you're looking for "cute," you don't really need to look any further than the Ty brand. This brand supplies a number of different bunny options, and only one is shown here. You should feel free to browse through Amazon and see if there isn't another one that suits you better, but this one is my personal favorite.

Many Ty toys have beanie bottoms, meaning that they sit very nicely on their backsides and have an adorable "slouch" to their body posture. Some Ty toys are a bit more heavily stuffed, but you'll know them when you see them. Beanie Boos, for example, tend to have a round body shape and enormous eyes, with more stuffing than Beanie Babies.

Ty toys are classics, and you're sure to love them as much as your child loves them. This brand holds a lot of memories for parent-aged people and will build more memories for your little one as well. Take your time and find one that you enjoy, for your memories and for making memories with your child as well!

Aurora World 11" Bop Bunny (Pink)
Aurora World 11" Bop Bunny (Pink)

This little guy is the perfect sized rabbit for very young children! Because its eyes and nose are made of thread, this is a good bunny for babies because there are no parts to come loose and choke on. The ribbon should obviously be removed before giving this bunny to a child, however.


Which type of bunny is your favorite for Easter?

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Other Bunnies for Easter

  • Books about Bunnies
  • Chocolate Bunnies

Other Types of Easter Bunnies for Kids

Obviously the recommended bunnies here are toys. Every kid wants to get a special toy for Easter. Long after the eggs and the candy have been eaten, the toys remain, and bunnies make a cute toy to put into the Easter basket to await the child on Easter Sunday morning. Consider purchasing a stuffed bunny for your child, but also know that there are some other alternatives that can be a ton of fun!

Some suggestions for additional Easter treats and gifts for your child(ren) for this Easter are suggested below. Choose a combination of these things for a great Easter basket for your child or children!

Chocolate Bunnies make a good alternative for Easter!
Chocolate Bunnies make a good alternative for Easter! | Source
Lindt chocolate bunny and carrots
Lindt chocolate bunny and carrots | Source

Chocolate Easter Bunnies are Great for Chocoholic Easter Baskets

Who doesn't love chocolate? For some people, Easter is all about the candy in the baskets, and chocolate bunnies are a great part of that for those who love the sweets! Chocolate rabbits are an excellent addition to an Easter basket or a substitution for a stuffed or live rabbit.

Most chocolate bunnies are completely hollow (which is to say that the hollow inside of their bodies isn't filled with ganache), and the brands vary. Depending on what you like, you'll find several good brands on the market. This article recommends the Lindt chocolate rabbits (which you can also get with carrots), but Dove also makes an amazing chocolate rabbit. Local chocolatiers are great options as well!

Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunny Gold Foil Wrapped Easter Bunny and Chocolate Easter Carrots 8.9 Ounce Gift Box
Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunny Gold Foil Wrapped Easter Bunny and Chocolate Easter Carrots 8.9 Ounce Gift Box

Though a bit on the costly side, Lindt produces amazing chocolate that anybody should be happy to get in their Easter basket this year! These chocolates are good for children and for adults, and everyone should enjoy a Lindt chocolate bunny in their Easter basket!


Books as gifts for Easter will encourage your children to read!

What about Bunny Books?

Books make excellent gifts for children, particularly when they are still learning to read, but also when you're attempting to encourage your children to read more than they currently do. While most books about rabbits aren't good for teenagers, this hub does recommend one in particular which may work for the young adult audiences. In the meantime, please do consider putting a "rabbit book" into your child's Easter basket. Reading is important and children should be encouraged to do as much of it as humanly possible. This is very important!

The Velveteen Rabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit

The classic Velveteen Rabbit book, about how toys become real. A wonderful story that all children should read at some point in their lives. Your child is sure to appreciate this rabbit book!


The Velveteen Rabbit is a Great Option for an Easter Gift!

If you're going to purchase a book for your child (2-10 years old) this Easter, I highly recommend the purchase of The Velveteen Rabbit for your child. This is one of the best books of my own childhood and its message is incredible and sweet. The message here is for the parent as much as it is for the child and you'll enjoy this book as much as your child will!

Velveteen Rabbit plush rabbits may be available, but these are not the classic Velveteen rabbits. The most "classic" version found on Amazon is depicted below, if you wish to purchase one to accompany the book.

This book is also very appropriate for Christmas! If you don't like it for Easter, you could try Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter (see below).

Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)
Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales (Peter Rabbit)

This is the complete collection of Beatrix Potter stories.


How about the Classic Peter Rabbit?

Who among us didn't grow up with Beatrix Potter? I can remember during my childhood the library had a special section for her books, where I could sit for hours pouring over every single one of them. The entire collection is sweet and rich in lessons, with beautiful illustrations. Your child is sure to love the Peter Rabbit classic, and you can purchase the complete Beatrix Potter collection to the right, if you are so inclined.

If you'd rather just have Peter Rabbit (if for no other reason than for its small size), you can browse through Amazon to find the book you'd like to purchase. The complete collection is recommended because this is a classic that every child should have access to at some point in his or her life, and it's excellent for teaching children to read.

Peter Rabbit toys are abundant, and they make great Easter gifts as well. You'll find an excellent example below, if you wish to purchase an accompanying plush for your child.

The World of Beatrix Potter: Collectible Peter Rabbit
The World of Beatrix Potter: Collectible Peter Rabbit

This little guy comes complete with a 5* rating on Amazon! He's an adorable and sweet representation of Peter Rabbit, and your child is sure to love him for Easter!

Watership Down: A Novel
Watership Down: A Novel

Watership down is a classic for older children and teenagers.


A Book for Older Children and Teens

Watership Down, by Richard Adams, is a comfort classic. Even now many adults who grew up on this novel and its accompanying movie continue to read this book, year after year. It is the story of a remarkable journey for some rabbits who must leave their home because of impending doom.

Encourage your older children to read this Easter by providing them with something appropriate and (relatively) seasonal. Watership Down makes a great choice for children in this age group and a paperback book is the perfect size for an Easter basket.

© 2014 Becki Rizzuti


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