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Best TV Channels for Halloween Binge-Watching

Updated on October 8, 2017
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Amanda is a huge Halloween fan! Every October she spends her time building monsters and planning family-friendly fun for the season.

"The Best Channels for Halloween TV"
"The Best Channels for Halloween TV" | Source

It's a cool Autumn night. The sky is clear and the moon is shining. Fall is in the air and you're cozy at home. Time to celebrate Halloween from your couch!

Horror movies full of zombies and vampires and werewolves! Classic Halloween episodes of your favorite TV shows! Funny family Halloween flicks! Documentaries on the history of Samhain or visual tours of the best haunted houses in the world! Anything vaguely orange and black!

Some TV channels really go all out to celebrate Halloween on the small screen. Many stations have their own special traditions. As the big day (night...) creeps closer it goes without saying that you'll find more and more Halloween viewings in the TV listings. But all of October offers plenty of opportunities for curling up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn to watch TV and movies essential to our modern All Hallow's Eve, if you keep your eye out for them - and if you know which television stations are the most likely to participate.

What to watch this Halloween?
What to watch this Halloween? | Source

Family-Friendly Movies

Sometimes I think I enjoy family Halloween movies even more than the scary ones. The Halloween films that are appropriate for children tend to capture that old sense of this one magical night and the thrill of being out in the dark, of the potential for monsters, and the fun of candy and pranks and parties.

Freeform (previously ABC Family) can be counted on for their "13 Nights of Halloween" each year, starting October 19. You can find classics such as The Addams Family and Hocus Pocus. You'll always be sure to catch the beautifully animated The Nightmare Before Christmas (and if you're a fan of that style of animation, don't miss out on Corpse Bride!). Guaranteed family fun for each Halloween.

Nickelodeon, the big name kids' television network, may not be known for celebrating Halloween all-out; but they'll still show the Halloween episodes of their hit "teen" series of the year. And among those maybe you'll even catch a replay of the werewolf movie, starring Victoria Justice, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. Check the sub-channel Teen Nick for reruns of Halloween fun from shows like iCarly, Victorious, and Big Time Rush. Or set your DVR for the middle of the night to catch the 90s classics like the Halloween episodes of Rugrats or Hey, Arnold!

The Haunted Mansion combines thrills and humor for a family-friendly movie that fits just right in the Halloween genre.
The Haunted Mansion combines thrills and humor for a family-friendly movie that fits just right in the Halloween genre. | Source

But the station I really would like to mention is the one that carried me through the nights of October when I was a child and dying for a taste of Halloween magic, even if just in the form of a movie: Disney Channel. It used to be you could count on them for a Halloween movie almost every night! Most of them were Disney Channel "Original" movies, like the beloved Halloweentown series and Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire. Disney Halloween movies were the best as a child, full of adventure and magic.

Not-so-fun Disney fact: do you remember Don't Look Under the Bed? This boogeyman flick was pretty spooky to a kid! Apparently some parents thought it was actually too scary and the fun was taken from everyone when Disney Channel gave in by taking the film out of all future Halloween prime-time lineups.

Jumping back to the rest of 'TV land', don't miss those once-a-year specials like Scared Shrekless and Toy Story of Terror! And of course last but never least: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! ABC is currently the station to turn to catch this 1966 classic each October.

Horror Movies

This time of year I make sure to pay close attention to the channel AMC. Not only is it home to the hit show The Walking Dead, but it will also spend several nights airing John Carpenter's Halloween and sequels. (Keep an eye on the SyFy channel if you're looking for the Rob Zombie remake.) Other classic horror films, such as the Chucky series or Scream, are often shown as well.

Speaking of the SyFy channel as I did above, they tout themselves as doing "31 Days of Halloween." Whether this is an entirely accurate statement or not is up for debate, as some of the movie and TV choices don't seem like the best fit for celebrating Halloween, but I do appreciate that they've donated a whole month to this wonderfully spooky holiday. Face Off and Ghost Hunters marathons, B movies, slasher films, monsters of the week, and more!

TCM (aka Turner Classic Movies) is, of course, the place to be if you'd like to rewatch or introduce your kids to some of the horror originals this Halloween season: Freaks and Psycho and Dracula and so on and so on, in the original black and white.

But almost every TV channel will, at some point, get in on the Halloween fun. I've watched Scream on MTV and Trick 'r Treat (a modern classic!) on Logo and various Stephen King films on an endless list of networks.

Watch Trick 'r Treat for scares and a refreshingly good Halloween movie.
Watch Trick 'r Treat for scares and a refreshingly good Halloween movie. | Source

Halloween Television Episodes

Ahh, my favorite! Who doesn't look forward to the holiday specials of their favorite TV programs? Perhaps have an Addams Family or Munsters marathon. Indulge nostalgia with the Halloween specials of cartoons from your youth. Many current sitcoms, such as Modern Family, will run a brand new episode for Halloween. Or maybe you like the documentaries that teach you a little about the history of All Hallows' Eve.

The Travel Channel is a source of vicarious Halloween fright and thrills when you can't afford to travel around the country and go to America's most terrifying locations or the scariest haunted house attractions yourself. They showcase the best Halloween destinations around the United States and sometimes the world, as well as the more extreme (extremely fun!) forms of celebration.

My dad is a fan of the History Channel, taking in educational programming about Halloween's origins and its development in America. From Samhain to trick-or-treating in modern day times.

The Travel Channel has some excellent Halloween specials, including "Halloween's Most Extreme."
The Travel Channel has some excellent Halloween specials, including "Halloween's Most Extreme." | Source

TV Classics vs Movies?

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Well, there you have a broad selection of Halloween viewing choices! Which TV channel gets the most of your attention during October? Are movies and television a big part of your celebration?


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    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago from Michigan, United States

      You list so many great movies, Liz-reviews! I'd forgotten about Witches of Eastwick -- I'll have to be sure to watch that one this year.

      And thank you. :-)

    • Liz-reviews profile image

      Eunice Elizabeth 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      Movies are my Fav.. But there are also sooo many classic tv shows. Witches of Eastwick(although not Halloween) is the best. Nightmare before Christmas... absolutely adore. All the Halloween movies that had Jamie Lee Curtis. Ghostbusters of course. It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown always a delight. Bugs Bunny Howl-oween special is the best.

      Absolutely loved your Hub Amanda108

      Voted awesome & up