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Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated on August 29, 2012

Introduction to the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2010

The Christmas period is a time of joy, family, and shopping. But getting thsoe gifts can sometimes be a little bit of a chore, especially when you have to fight through the Christmas crowds. Fortuantely I will be giving you some of my best Christmas gift ideas to help the festive season more about the family and happiness, and less about stress and shopping.

Choosing the best gifts for your friends will always be a personal thing, but sometimes being shown a few ideas can definitely make the whole process a little bit easier.  I will be giving you some great Christmas gift ideas for adults, teenagers and children, along with some of the best Christmas Gifts of 2010!

Remember though, that while I might be giving you some great Christmas gift ideas for 2010 right here, nothing will ever beat a gift from the heart, whether it is bought, or hand-made.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2010
Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas 2010

When it comes to picking out the best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2010 you really do have a huge amount of choice. Picking out the best Christmas gifts for your family can be especially difficult, however. Family members can be a little more awkward than others because you will often find yourself needing to think of ever more ingenious gifts.Giving your mother chocolates every year might be the easiest thing to do, but overall it shows a lack of thought in your gift buying.

Figuring out the best Christmas gift ideas can sometimes feel like a huge amount of stress, but check out some of the great gift ideas below, and maybe it will make things a little easier for you.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife

Choosing the best Christmas gift for your wife is definitely one of those purchases that you have to get right. Not only does the gift need to be something that she will love, but it will also need to be something that shows that you know her.

This can be pretty difficult sometiems, but there are a few Christmas gift ideas which will generally please any woman.

Ugg Slippers

Ugg is one of the most sought after brand of footwear in the world, and the best thing is that compared to many designer labels, it is really not very expensive.  Ugg slippers are a great Christmas present for your wide since they will help keep her feet warm, and comfy.

Ugg make a lot more than slippers, they also provide some great warm boots which can easily be waterproofed to provide your wife with the perfect winter footwear this Christmas.

Chi Hair Straighteners

Chi Hair Straighteners are well regarded as the best in hair straightening, styling and curling technology. They are the safest, have the best features, heat up the quickest, and are the best performing hair straighteners you can buy.

If you want to buy the very best for your wife, these Chi Hair Straighteners will make her day, as well as her hair.

iPod Touch

If your wife is in to music then the iPod touch could be the ideal Christmas present.  The iPod Touch provides a great portable entertainment system, especially for those of us who like to listen to our music.

The iPod Touch is one of the most advanced portable music and video players in the world. It has a great easy to learn control system which allows you to easily find the music you want to listen to.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Husband

Choosing the best Christmas gift for your husband is easier than you would think. Despite men being harder to read than women when it comes to gift buying, they are often much easier to please. Whe it comes to Christmas gift ideas for your Husband you will find that cosy comforts are sometimes better than elegant luxuries.

There are a few great ideas though which will definitely make the perfect Christmas gift for your Husband this festive season.

Heineken Beertender

If beer is something which keeps your Husband happy then the Heineken Beer tender might just be the perfect gift. With various styles and releases available, the real beenfit of the Heineken Beertender is that it can keep a tapped keg fresh for up to 30 days, giving you draught beer on tap for a month.

The Heineken Beertender is not just for the guys who like to drink, but also for teh guys who like to have their friends over. It provides a steady flow of beer for larger parties, or for several smaller gatherings.

While the Heineken Beertender makes for a great Christmas gift, it is not for everyone, fortunately we have a few other things up our sleeve!

Playstation 3 Christmas Gift for your Husband

The Playstation 3 is a great gift for any guy, and if you are looking for a Christmas gift for your husband then this amazing gaming console and entertainment system could be the ideal gift. With fantastic graphics, a huge catalogue of games and some of the greatest console games in the world.

The Playstation 3 allows you to play games, movies, and listen to music, making it an ultimate home entertainment center, it's advanced technology not only allows the PS3 to do these things, but it also gives you the best performance and graphical capability.

This year the Playstation 3 has also been given the PS3 Move, allowing you to have a controller which follows your movements for a truly interactive gameplay experience.

Christmas Gifts for the Family

This Christmas why not give the entire family a Christmas gift.  There are some gifts which provide fun for the whole family.  Buying a Christmas gift for the family is not always easy, you need to be able to give something which will entertain everyone, fortunately there is a great solution.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii provides fun, entertainment and even exercise for adults and children alike.  With a huge number of games which use the interactive motion sensitive Wii remote, you will find yourself in a simple but immersive environment.

The Nintendo Wii actually provides you with exercise as well as entertainment, many of the games require you to move vigourously, and some are even focused on providing exercise routines to improve your overall health.

Along with great games for teenagers this great games console has plenty of games for younger children, which provide a little basic education on top of entertainment!

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

The play and freeze ice cream maker is a portable ice cream maker which requires absolutely no electricity.  This ingenious little gadget is perfect for those family vacations and camping trips.  All you need to do is poor your ice cream mix in to one end, pour some rock salt and ice in to the other. Once your contents are in just shake it up, pass it around, throw it and shake it for ten to 15 minutes. 

Before you know it you will have some gorgeous ice cream, wherever you are!

Christmas Gifts for Children

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gifts for children you might find it difficult to find something that not only entertains, but also teaches your Children a little about the world. Fortunately there are some great Christmas gifts for Children available which will do both of the above and more.

There are different Christmas gift ideas for Children out there for girls and boys, however there are also some great Christmas gift ideas for children which will entertain for hours upon end.

Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL is a great Christmas gift idea for boys and girls alike. It provides both entertainment and educaton in one neat little package, with some great DSi games available.

Entertainment wise there are thousands of games to choose from, from adventure to mystery, which will turn your Nintendo DSi XL in to a powerful gaming console.

There are also some great brain training games and educational games which can do everything from increase your mental capacity, to help you learn Spanish.

The Nintendo DSi XL has two large touch sensitive screens which give you an indepth game experience, the console is not only incredibly easy to use, but it's intuitive controls make it a breeze for adults and children to enjoy this amazing handheld Christmas Gift.

Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu pets are more than just little electronic hamsters, they are designed to react to their environment, They will run and scurry around a living room completely autonomously, learning to avoid certain obstacles.

These hamsters will react with different noises to certain stimulus, and even coo and purr if stroked. These fantastic little pets provide a little companionship for a child, without running the risk of passing away, or having the need to be cleaned up every day.


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    • couponalbum profile image


      7 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

      Great ideas. And what about mom and dad?

    • CMHypno profile image


      7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Good ideas for Christmas Oli, but I'll be quite happy with a diamond necklace!


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