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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

Updated on January 10, 2014
luxury heated cat bed
luxury heated cat bed

Here are some ideas if you are trying to think of the best Christmas gift to give your cat.

Some people might think you odd for thinking about buying gifts for cats, but why shouldn't your feline friends join in with the rest of the festive fun?

Think about what cats like, and then choose a gift around what they like. It could be cat toys, scratching posts, food treats or something that will bring yet more comfort into their lives.

They are cats. They like comfort. Sorted.

It doesn't have to be a food gift, because on Christmas Day, there will no doubt be plenty of turkey to go round.

In our house, there is also plenty left over for the day after, and the day after that again, and yes the day after that too.

By New Year's Day, we are thoroughly sick of turkey!

Not so your cat(s), who will happily munch on the same thing day after day, so long as it (they) are not given too much, this once a year treat will do them no harm.

Cats appreciate a gift-wrapped present just as much as anyone else. Hanging it on the tree is not usually a good idea, unless you want to wake up and find your tree has been knocked over.

Most Christmas trees are just too delicate to take the weight of a household cat climbing up it.

Let's have a look at some of the best Christmas gift ideas for cats around.

Cat Bed

This has got to the ultimate luxury for household cats!

Their very own heated cat bed with a dual thermostat to raise the temperature inside it a massive 15 above room temperature.

This is just the thing for pampered pets, and guaranteed to ensure they have a wonderful winter-time, unaffected by the cold weather or household draughts.

  • It uses only 4 watts and so is cheap to run.
  • The inner cover is removable and machine washable.

The wonderful thing about this cozy cat bed is that you will always know where Puss is, snuggled inside a proper cat bed instead of the linen closet or boiler-room.

This a gift for cats that will be thoroughly appreciated!

cat laser toy
cat laser toy

Cat Laser Toy

If you've ever had a laser pen in the house, you may have noticed your cat jumping all over the place trying to reach the laser beam.

This is not only great fun for puss, it's great exercise for him too.

Most household tabbies do not get enough exercise, with food given to them on a plate instead of them having to go out and catch their own.

So this specially designed interactive cat laser toy is something that keep you, the kids and the cats amused for hours.

cat gift set
cat gift set

Cat Gift Set

As gifts go, this is an excellent all-in-one package with an assortment of toys puss will love. Lots of interactive fun guaranteed, and sure to keep the kids amused as well as the cats.

It includes:

  • a cat teaser, which is basically just a brightly colored fabric length on a stick, for cats to chase as your wave it around
  • a cat toy filled with catnip, which cats go daft for
  • a laser pen to cast light lines that send cats wild trying to catch them
  • a fur mouse and sparkle balls, sure to delight and bring out the kitten in your cat
  • tissue paper with paw prints on it - something for your cat to rip to shreds.
  • It all comes in a plastic tube so that everything can be put away tidily.

Like anything with catnip in it, don't make the mistake of gift wrapping this and leaving it underneath the Christmas tree.

I did it one year and woke up to ripped up paper wrapping all over the place as the cats smelled out their gifts and quite inconsiderately didn't wait for the kids to get up and share a gift opening session.

catnip plush house mouse
catnip plush house mouse

Cat Plush Mouse

Luckily for you, your moggy may never see a real house mouse.

However, this furry little toy is stuffed with catnip to attract your cat.

It will bring him hours of fun, pouncing, catching, tossing up in the air and chewing this plush rodent.

Made from a solid, durable material, this toy just lasts and lasts despite all the punishment given it by the cat.

Many people have said this toy soon becomes a firm favorite with their house cat, and that when it does eventually get torn to pieces, there are no dangerous parts underneath the fur.

Cat Collar

Every cat would look gorgeous with this cat collar with bell.

Not only is it designed in very attractive colors, it is adjustable and has a safety release buckle should your cat get itself caught around the neck.

Most importantly, it has a bell, which should go some way to protecting the small birds in your backyard.

It is difficult for a cat to sneak up on birds when there is bell around its neck as the tinkle usually warns the birds to fly away.

This collar can also be ordered without a bell.

Ultimate cat scratching post
Ultimate cat scratching post

Cat scratching post

Cat scratching posts are always a great idea.

Cats need to splay their claws and then retract them, and they often do this while their bodies are stretched up against furniture.

They don't mean to damage furniture, but they do.

This is such instinctual behaviour for cats that it is impossible to stop them, and most damage seems to occur when a cat is left alone in a room.

As it is impossible for anyone to watch their cat 24 hours of the day, scratching posts are a must for cats that like to claw things.

Some cats just never do, or do so outside only.

For house cats that never get outside, a scratching post is vital for their health, as it also stops their claws from growing too long.

The Smartcat Ultimate Scratching Post may seem a little expensive, but it is worth every penny.

It is solidly built and will not tip over, and can take all the punishment handed out by the cat.

At 32" tall, it is high enough to allow your cat to scratch when its body is at full stretch, as nature intended.

If your cat seems disinterested in its new scratching post, it is a good idea to place some of its cat toys at the top to get it used to the touch and feel of the fibrous woven material on the post.

Once it starts using it, it will use it forever, sorting your clawing problems once and for all.

This will make a great gift for any cat lover you know.

Cat Microchip

Last but not least considering getting your cat microchipped if you haven't done so already.

Better than any cat toy, a microchip should last the lifetime of your cat and will always ensure your cat is returned to you should it stray.

It's a very simple and inexpensive procedure for your vet to insert a microchip directly under your cat's skin on the back of the neck.

Your cat is now united directly to you and your address. Remember to update the database should you move house.

Once your cat is microchipped, you can then buy a microchip-reading cat flap, which allows your puss to come and go as it pleases, but denies access to any other animal.

If you have more than one cat, you can get them all microchipped and set your intelligent cat flap to read each one to allow access.

This is just a rough guide to Christmas gift ideas for cats, and of course for cat lovers.

If your cat could choose, they would pick all of the above.

And if your cat has none of those, do puss a favour this Christmas and buy them the perfect gift they would choose for themselves, if they could.


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