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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Computer Lovers and Geeks 2013

Updated on August 21, 2013

Gift Ideas for the Computer Geek

If you have a computer lover or geek on your Christmas shopping list this year, you already know that they have an abundance of computer-related items surrounding them in their work area.

If you are at a loss as to what to give them here are some ideas to help with your gift-giving dilemma. Maybe even something to clean up their work area?

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5 stars for Ibex 17 Inch Notebook Backpack

Best Gift Ideas for Computer Nerds

Ibex 17 Inch Notebook Backpack

Chances are that if you are gifting a computer lover they have a laptop. Make their lives easier by giving them the Ibex 17 Inch Notebook Backpack. This is a relatively cheaper backpack than some on the market and is sure to delight any computer lover.

This backpack keeps your laptop safe and snug in the Comp-u-flex pocket while the three main compartments easily hold the rest of your belongings. This backpack also has air-flow back padding to keep your back cool no matter how full your pack is. The shoulder straps are shock absorbent to keep the wearing comfortable and they keep the backpack strapped on firmly. There is also a quik pocket for you to keep your gadgets for easy access, like your iPod or MP3 player.

The customers who have purchased this backpack are more than pleased. This is the perfect thing for you to carry your technology in. This backpack really does protect your things from the elements as well as an accidental drop. Many would choose this backpack over the more expensive types and would certainly buy the backpack again. If you gift the Ibex Notebook backpack you won't be sorry.

A computer lover is sure to appreciate technology so give them the Motorola GPS Sports Watch and MP3 player. This is a great use of technology that is sure to get them outside and away from the computer for a while. This tracks your running and biking via GPS and you can also upload your workout information to the free training portal.

Motoactv MP3 Player

The MOTOACTV MP3 player also keeps track and learns which songs motivate you so easy playing. This watch is not only advanced it is sweat proof, rain proof and scratch resistant. Included with your watch is the wrist strap, a wall charger, stereo headphones with a mic, a clothing clip, a USB cable, and the instructions. This is an amazing watch that comes with everything you could need.

They make it easy for you to use and to get active. I'm not saying computer lovers don't get out every once in a while, but this is technology they will love and will make them want to jump up and do something. The reviews speak for themselves with this product and it is a very popular choice. Give them something they will love with the Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports watch.

Foldable Flexible Waterproof Keyboard

Another fun and useful choice would be the Foldable Flexible waterproof keyboard. This is another great product for on the go computer enthusiasts and people who lack space. You can choose from a few colors including black, purple, blue and orange and this is keyboard is also USB compatible.

This keyboard is amazing. It's not only waterproof but dustproof and ultra-portable. It also gives you a silent typing experience for those who don't like the loud click of the keys. The fact that it folds up easily means you won't have to worry about storing your keyboard and it makes traveling easy. This works with Windows 7, and different types of Windows Vista.

This is a perfect back up keyboard or a replacement for one that broke and is relatively inexpensive. It takes a bit getting used to, but it has great response time and is practically silent. The layout makes sense and makes typing easier and the recent customers love this keyboard. Some prefer it to normal keyboard because of how easy it is to store or move around, but it is still a sturdy keyboard as well. The Foldable Flexible waterproof keyboard is a fun and functional gift choice for computer lovers.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks

3M Keyboard Cleaner Kit

Something that is absolutely necessary for someone who uses the computer a lot is the 3M Keyboard Cleaner Kit. Inexpensive and popular, this kit includes a scrubbing tool, a cleaning solution, and four finishing clothes. The scrubbing tool is specially designed to get the dirt off the keyboard and it can fit in hard to reach places.

The cleaning solution is perfect for lifting grease, grime, and fingerprints without damaging your computer. The finishing cloths finish the process and make everything gleam like new. While this product doesn't get under the keys, for that try a can of air, it does exactly what it claims to do.

One customer approves of this product whole heartedly and works in a computer lab. They said that using this product helped lower keyboard failures significantly. It cleans the keys and between the keys nicely and also cleans inside a mouse if you still use a ball mouse. Of course your computer is electric so you have to turn it off before cleaning and use a little of the solution at a time, but that is a no brainer. The reviewers would recommend this product and the 3M keyboard cleaner kit would make a useful gift.

LapGear Multipurpose Jumbo Lap Desk

If they don't have one already for their laptop then buy the LapGear Multipurpose jumbo lap desk. This is very reasonably priced and is one of the most popular lap desks online. This desk is durable, but light weight so it won't be a hassle to bring with you.

It is also easy to clean and is impact resistant so they won't have to worry about easy breakage. The desk has deep storage pockets or organizer trays for miscellaneous things from iPods and to cell phones. There are also zippered storage pouches hang from the sides. This desk is comfortable thanks to the way it conforms to the lap and protects it from the heat of the computer.

This desk has been deemed perfect by reviewers and "the best they have ever seen." As a recent laptop buyer this desk looks to be wonderful. It has a slant to it that is perfect for your laptop and the storage sure would come in handy. No more balancing your laptop on shaky knees, this lap desk is everything you'd expect. The LapGear Multipurpose jumbo lap desk would make the perfect gift.

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