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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Women in their 40s

Updated on December 9, 2012

Finding the ideal Christmas gift for your friends, relatives or acquaintances who are aged 40 and above can get pretty challenging especially if you know very little about their hobbies and interests. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing Christmas gift ideas which would go well for anyone of any age. These gifts are timeless, and most importantly, functional and useful. If you know your friends know that gift giving is your weakest suit, one effective way to show your thoughtfulness, aside from giving gifts, is to make sure that your gift is useful to the receiver.

1. Self-help books with an unusual premise such as "100 Places You Should See" and attach a free ticket to a nearby destination to it

Help someone find a new adventure by inspiring him/her to do things which he/she has never done before. One effective way to do this is to purchase travel books to several destinations and to purchase a ticket to any nearby destination to help your friend begin with his personal adventure.

2. Prescription reading glasses of stylish frames and colors

For adults and older people who rely on their prescription reading glasses entirely to view things clearly, the gift of prescription reading glasses of stylish and appropriate colors should be a hit. Nothing is better than the gift of clearer vision to many adults, this Christmas.

3. Gag gifts for adults like t-shirts or mugs with funny quotes

Gag gifts abound online marketplaces like Amazon, BestBuy, eBay and several other websites so finding them should not be a challenge. Gag gifts that are ideal for adults include comical mugs and teachers with interesting quotes targeted towards wearers aged 40 and up.

4. A bottle of high-class champagne

You can never go wrong when you offer a tall bottle of champagne as a gift for such a fun occasion such as Christmas. In fact, it does not matter what kind of gift you give; what matters is that you take the opportunity to show someone that you appreciate them.

For adults who are in their 40's, a bottle of champagne is considered one of the most timeless gifts for any season and for receivers of all genders. It's hard to fail at gift giving when you're giving Hennessy away!

What other unusual or humorous gifts have you given away? Share it with us through the comment box, below!


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