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Best Christmas Gift for Grandpa

Updated on March 16, 2011

Best Christmas Gift for Grandpa

The best Christmas gift that you could give my grandfather was spending time with him. He loved to fish so if you were set on getting him something, he was an easy one. When we were younger we used to make him fishing lures. Or we would find broken lures stuck on snags and put new hooks on them, re paint them and give them to Grandpa.

If your Grandpa spends his time fishing, golfing, surfing, skiing, hiking or camping, I have plenty of ideas for you below! You have it easy, it the people who don't know what the heck their Grandfather likes to do all day besides watch TV that are in trouble.

I know I here you laughing Grandpa surfing? Do not laugh to hard because this Grandpa just returned from surfing today with all his other dinosaur friends. And when I am are not surfing fishing or hiking I am writing on hubpages!

So check out the vintage fishing lures, even if you don't know what type of lures that your grandpa uses or even what kind of fish is likes to fish for. Vintage lures are a great conversation piece. I have a few they are cool. Everybody anyways wants a few after they see mine.

Camping Supplies

Hey if gramps likes to sleep out under the stars every once in a while like me. you might want to encourage him with buying something cool from the camping supply dept. I like hanging out at a few private beaches here in Hawaii and I normally want to drag along a little cooler and something to cook with. I also have a tent in my car and a cool weather radio! My weather radio doesn't require you to plug it in It has a crank to charge it and a solar panel built in. I have the Eton American Red Cross radio. It also has a flash light. Most Grandpas will like it if they are into listening to the weather or tidal information.

Its great to have in your house in case the power dies ;-)

Surfing Gifts

You really do not have to be a surfer to wear surfing clothes. Grandpas like to wear comfortable clothes. I like baggies in the summer of course and I know this sounds sort of old fashion but after I come in from the cold I take a hot shower and put my robe on. No one has ever bought me a robe I suppose because they think that it is a common present. But after I wear one out I usually buy a different one myself. So a nice warm robe is something to thing about ;-)

You can buy all types of surfing clothes online. Even with shipping you will save $$ and time!


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