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Best Christmas Gift for Your Children Beyond All Things You Can Buy

Updated on March 31, 2016

Christmas Gift for Children

Children and gift or present has their own secret meaning when Christmas comes. Children and God also has secret faith relation because children have their own genuine enthusiasm. I think God more love them than us related to their heart about Christmas. Children expect present and gift from Santa Claus. We put present in their Christmas stock or near Christmas tree. Christmas is holy day for children and makes us going to Church at that time (if we were rare go to Church).

I believe children who have good or best Christmas day and gift, they have more potential and spirit to grown to be a better person. Most of us generally love to remember our Christmas times during childhood. It is also great story we told to our children or nephew and niece. We also become a nice person for kids during Christmas. We bought them Christmas gift and wrap it nicely. Children associate Christmas with special gift. And children able to remember through year if we forgot or did not gave them special Christmas gift.

Painting of Family Christmas at Victorian Era
Painting of Family Christmas at Victorian Era | Source

There are many stories about criminal or murderer who hate Christmas. They hate it because in their childhood era, their parent never appreciate them with Christmas gift, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or anything that make them special with their own Christmas spirit. They are jealous with others kids who has warm Christmas experience. So Christmas has thousand or million meaning for a kid. Do not mess with your kid Christmas present and celebration, they has secret relation with God about it. You should believe or at least respect it.


Best Gift - Be a good person with good gift

There are many Christmas gifts that you can afford range from cheap to expensive gift. Here the tips: do not spoil your kid with expensive gift. It is looks like you bribe your kid to forgive your bad parenthood attitude or habit. You can give expensive gift with a strong reason like your kid has dream about it for long time, and he/she shown positive effort to afford it.

Either cheap or expensive gifts are relative for kids. Some children did not happy with their expensive gift because they do not want it. Children love your gift if you give what they like and you surprise them with it. But remember, do not just gave what they like because sometimes children want something that not suitable to their ages. So, this is my proverb or quotes: Be a good person with good gift. Be wise with your gift.

Love as Christmas Gift

Best give to children and even for all human is our love and attention. People are hungry with empathy and not only just sympathy. How many children you have ever seen became frustration? Most of them luck of attention and sympathy from their parent (and some because they don’t have parent or model role of parent in their life).

A kid who doesn’t have both parents will be a good person if there is another person who willingly to role as parent for him. Love is best gift to all of us, not to expensive but cannot be bought, because it’s free to give. Love is miracle, more you give - more and more you get. Give me one, please..!

Miracle of Best of Christmas Gift - Family Christmas

Children believe in miracle and saint too. If you don’t believe and do not blame your children --blame yourself. Every day is miracle. Each day is new day. Children make Christmas still a Holy Day for our civilization.

Family Christmas is love gift for our kid and with people who loves them. Wrap our love as best gift Christmas gift for them. Maybe you can only afford cheap gift but wrap it with your love from heart. They will love it!


Celebrating family Christmas with children is the best of the best Christmas gift! Nothing else and nothing more. Say how you love them and promise to your heart to give them more love and attention.

I double dare you: will you promise to give your time for them from now and then? Are you dare to make it your New Year resolution? I give it up all to you. You are the wise one. Make your Christmas gift as miracle through the year for your kid.


This is a miracle of Christmas gift. Go to church, pray, believe in miracle with your kid. Do not worry if you do not have special gift. Our Lord Jesus Christ will provide the best one for you. Become a father and mother with a heart is already miracle gift for your children. Your children will proud of you!

Now wrap the Love Miracle for your kid and celebrate and rejoice with it. Our children need the Love Miracle of Christmas from us. Do not let them waiting year through year. It is best of the best Christmas gift for children.God bless us!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. First edition frontispiece and title page (1843)
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. First edition frontispiece and title page (1843) | Source
Charles John Huffam Dickens
Charles John Huffam Dickens | Source

And I do Come Home at Christmas

And I do come home at Christmas. We all do, or we all should. We all come home, or ought to come home, for a short holiday -- the longer, the better -- from the great boarding-school, where we are for ever working at our arithmetical slates, to take, and give a rest. As to going a visiting, where can we not go, if we will, where have we not been, when we would, starting our fancy from our Christmas Tree!

Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol, 1843

Tips: Surprise Gift Roses and Rinbow Roses

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..!


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