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Christmas Gifts for Quilters: Presents any Quilter Will Love

Updated on January 6, 2013
Jelly Roll of fabrics by Amy Butler
Jelly Roll of fabrics by Amy Butler | Source

#1: Fabric!

Giving a quilter fabric for Christmas may seem a bit like overkill, since many (maybe even most) quilters will admit that they already have way too much fabric. The truth is, though, that most quilters are involved in an intense, lifelong love affair with their fabric, and they can always find a place in their hearts for something new and colorful.

Non-quilters may not realize that quilting is a fashion business, just like the clothing business. Fresh new quilting prints come out every season, only to disappear a few weeks after they hit the quilt store. So you can be sure that a gift of today's latest fabric designs won't duplicate the fabric that is already in your quilter's sewing room.

One advantage of giving fabric is that you can buy it in quantities that fit any budget. A couple of quilter's fat quarters (19" x 22" rectangles) cost less than $10 U.S. If you have a bit more to spend, take a look at the color-coordinated "jelly rolls" (highly useful rolled-up bundles of 2-1/2" fabric strips), charm packs of 5" squares or "layer cakes" of 10" squares.

A bobbin winder rewinds bobbins without  making you rethread your sewing machine.
A bobbin winder rewinds bobbins without making you rethread your sewing machine. | Source

#2: Electric Bobbin Winder

This handy little gadget allows a quilter whose bobbin runs out of thread to wind a fresh bobbin without having to unthread and rethread her sewing machine.

Bobbins always seem to run out at the most inconvenient times, like when you are in the middle of stitching a long seam or machine-quilting an elaborate design. With a stand-alone bobbin winder, this recurring irritation becomes a lot less annoying.

A sharp seam ripper is an inexpensive and useful gift.
A sharp seam ripper is an inexpensive and useful gift.

#3: A Really Sharp New Seam Ripper

Even the most expert quilter makes mistakes now and then, and has to rip out a seam. The trouble is, most quilters have had their old seam rippers forever and don't really notice how worn and dull they have gotten. A new seam ripper will make the chore of cutting stitches go a lot faster and feel a lot less onerous.

Seam rippers come in a wide variety of sizes and types. There are "surgical" seam rippers for those who like their tools high-tech, and seam rippers that hang on a cord around the quilter's neck. Quilters who have more than one sewing machine could use a separate seam ripper for each one.


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