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Best Christmas Gifts for Your Child's Teacher

Updated on December 11, 2010

Looking for something to give your child’s teacher this Christmas? From fluffy slippers to picture frames that play music, classroom teachers have received just about every gift imaginable. Their advice? They get a plenty of lotion, bubble baths and soaps. Nearly every teacher already has a mug, Christmas ornament or t-shirt that reads “World’s Best Teacher.” While candies and sweets are nice, twenty five trays of fudge is well, twenty-four (ok, maybe twenty-three) too many.

Now that I have children in school, I, too, will be picking out gifts for their teachers. Here is a list of gifts that any teacher would love:

1. Gift Cards: Do you think giving gift cards is cold and impersonal? Not at all. Teachers love them. A few dollars at a coffee shop, school supply store or a craft store can guarantee a smile on a teacher’s face.

2. Classroom supplies: Many teachers I know have to supplement their classroom budget when it comes to buying basic supplies. Consider giving a teacher a three-box pack of facial tissue, a packet of stickers or several boxes of crayons. Don’t know what your teacher needs for his or her classroom? Take a look at my first suggestion.

3. Charitable donations: Most teachers are socially conscious, caring people. Give a few dollars in the name of your child’s teacher to a local charity. Present the teacher with a card (handmade cards are always appreciated) with a note explaining that a donation was made in honor of your kid’s teacher. Nothing like a little charity to spread the holiday spirit.

4. Time: Teachers can often be found working well into the evenings or on the weekends. Most parents volunteer during the day while school is in session, which is great. But things have to get done after hours, too. Volunteer a few minutes after school or on the weekend to help clean toys, organize the classroom library or take down last week’s projects from the wall.

While every gift a teacher receives is truly appreciated, over the years teachers will accumulate many of the same types of gifts. Instead of another mug, give your child’s teacher something that might make their jobs, and their holiday, a little brighter.



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