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Best Christmas Presents for Geeks

Updated on December 10, 2012
nerd and geek gifts, mzacha,
nerd and geek gifts, mzacha,

Everybody seems to have a geeky friend hiding somewhere behind a desktop computer and playing online games for a living. These mysterious creatures that seem to know computers better than people, deserve some recognition from time to time. While they may not have the best social skills at times, they will surely appreciate a geeky gift if you are determined to do a bit of research.

Stray away from the temptation of purchasing a movie such as ''The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or a Star Treck Collection. Chances are greatly high these have been seen over and over and are already archived in the attic. If this was your first idea, you are not exercising your brain cells enough. You must instead polish you reasoning skills and look for the unusual, and somehow, get into a ''geeky'' way of thinking. Following are some geeky ideas.

Book : Are You a Geek? 1,000 ways to Find Out

OK, everybody knows that your friend is a geek, but how about having him verify it for himself? This humorous book for nerds will entertain and the geek will surely get a kick out of it. There are several tests that will allow the geek to finally find on which spectrum of geekiness he lies. There are also intelligence quizzes and one interesting dating compatibility test. This book may be found on

Geek Apparel

Geeks should be able to show off their qualities through some geeky apparel. There are several t-shirts created with just geeks in mind. Actually, ThinkGeek produces a whole line of clothing for the nerd of your life. Such shirts feature humorous writings such as "It must be user error'', ''I see dead pixels'' or ''No I will not fix your computer'' Want to real go out of the ordinary? Go for an interactive personal background shirt.

Geeky Geek Toys

What better gift than a gadget that will will keep the geek amused and entertained for a good part of their busy lives. X-tremeGeekfeatures a variety of cool toys designed just for geeks. How about a USB missile launcher that will target anybody that gets too close to the nerd's computer? Or how about the mystic Khet laser strategy game? This game will amuse all geeks that must protect their pharaoh from lasers that may deflect or protect. Stressed out nerds may get some steam out by tossing some flying monkeys in the air as they emit a hilarious shriek. Featuring, Superfly Screaming Monkey, the silliest thing ever. Chickens, cows available as well.

Wake Up Geek Gear

A geek does not want to wake up in any ordinary way. For your best friend look out for some quite amazing and astute alarm clocks and watches. For those geeks that go to bed late and have trouble waking up in the morning, a Nanda Clocky may be what is needed. This clock featured will not only awake the nerd, but he must get up and chase the alarm clock in order to make it stop beeping and flashing! A Moshi alarm clock instead will have the geek engage into a conversation with it! See to believe!

As seen, there are several gift ideas simply crafted for all the geeks in the world. Overwhelmed by choices? Specialized geek stores may help you out so to find everything you need all in one place. Just shop by category and look for the coolest and most unusual toys! But be may end up realizing that you have some geek qualities yourself as well!

Clocky, The Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels, Aqua
Clocky, The Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels, Aqua

It sounds like R2 D2 from Star Wars, and after the first time you hit the snooze alarm it jumps off the table or nightstand and runs around the room a beepin' and a flashin'. You can see it works pretty well on the carpeting and it moves even faster on our tile floors. It can jump down from up to 3 feet without killing itself which is more than you need for most nightstands. I don't know if you can see from the video, but it's made pretty well and seems sturdy.

USB Missile Launcher with 3 Foam Missiles
USB Missile Launcher with 3 Foam Missiles

Practice your missile launching skills right from your desk with this USB Missile Launcher! This USB Missile Launcher includes three foam missiles that you can shoot up to 10 feet at an extremely fast rate! Position the missile launcher left, right, up, or down, plug into a USB port, set up the target and launch the missiles! Have Fun, order today!



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