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What Christmas Gifts to get for Mom 2015-2016

Updated on November 24, 2015
Best gifts for mom 2013 2014
Best gifts for mom 2013 2014

Best christmas gifts for mom 2012-2013

I'll try to make shopping for mom as quick and painless as possible. There are plenty of directions to go, so don't feel lost like you don't know what to get.

If you have any holiday gift ideas for mom please share them in the comments section below. Even if you think this page is crap, I am listening, let me know!

Beauty Supplies

One of the most important things to a woman is her beauty. So this is a no brainer. If they need something to make them look even better, I say we give it to them. The problem is, you never know what to get and things can be very hard when it comes to picking out the right thing.

I can't pretend to know the first thing about beauty products so get them at your own risk. Luckily you can't go wrong with a couple choices. For instance don't get her wrinkle cream if you know it may upset her. There are sprays and other things that women just love, so there are plenty of options.

Don't be this guy buying gifts for mom.
Don't be this guy buying gifts for mom.

Memory Foam

Give your Mother the gift that keeps giving all year long-- you can actually throw dads name on there and kill two birds with one stone. I've been using foam for several years now and it would take some convincing to go back to not having one.

I actually used one of these with an air mattress and it was really nice. Slept like a baby for the 2 months I had it, now I have one I my nice bed at home.

They usually range from $50 to $150. I definitely recommend thinking about if this is right for your parents, especially the ones that don't need anything.

Don't be the guy or gal that just buys it without even seeing if they have one, or if they have attempted to use one and didn't like it. Most people tend to like it, but some people like hard surfaces or are just old fashioned and not willing to change. Do some detective work and you won't end up being "that guy".

Making a charm bracelet

Jewelry like a charm bracelet

Jewelry is once again one of the top choices when it comes to mothers. So if you have an idea of what she may like, get her that! My mom was a fan of a charm bracelet, she wanted one for years until she finally got it- she still wears it of course. All the different charms are from different people so there is plenty of sentimental value there as well. You can even make them, there are less expensive kinds, or gold/silver ones as shown in the video-->

Usually moms will tell you exactly what they want ahead of time, which takes the fun out of it being a surprise, but sometimes it is for the better.

Great Chillow Review (chilled pillow)

Heated Plush Throws or a Chilled Pillow

Heated plush throws are something that most women just love(not then men don't). When they get cold there is nothing better then snuggling up into a heated blanket. Most blankets have great settings and have little features that make it all the better. Some shut off after a few hours automatically.

On the other end of the spectrum are things like the Chillow. The reviewer from the video does say he prefers this when watching tv rather than sleeping.

You can find the Chillow here.

Bathing Products

The most clutch gift you can give is something from bath and body works, but that place can get rather expensive.. There are plenty of alternatives including Amazon and Ebay. You can find a generic brand or find a great deal for less onine.

Go to the store and pick out your favorite, as one of her friends, or just straight up walk in her shower-- not while she is in there, that wouldn't be good for anyone!

Picking strictly off of reviews will end up working okay as well, so many people have tried them that you can take your chances.


You can get chocolate as a complete gift or a side gift, maybe get something a lot smaller. But there are some great choices right on Amazon. It is fact that women do see benefits from chocolate, I'm not going to get in to it, but lets just say. A little chocolate is always healthy. If all else fails, Here are 25 suggestions for chocolate gifts

Either go to the store or check out Amazon-- there is every type of chocolate imaginable there. My mom loves Hersey bars, so I can either go to a big box store and get a good deal on them or order them straight from Amazon. The deals are pretty good if not better on Amazon. Ghirardelli is also another very popular brand, like I said, check Amazon for any candy you could imagine!

Travel Mug / Thermos

My parents alone have 5 travel mugs each-- they are cheap and always breaking. And it is funny that the best ones are always in the dishwasher. You have flimsy plastic ones, then you have the Thermos. If I am leaving my house with my drink there is no doubt I'd rather use a Thermos. These things are worth their weight in gold, so getting a couple is never a bad thing.

Check and see if your parents have any of these, they are great for any type of drink.

Check out this popular video of 10 cool kitchen tools

Kitchen Tools and Utensils

Does your mom's kitchen need some new kitchen tools? If your mom is always in the kitchen/loves being in the kitchen then check out this site: has unique ideas along with quality stuff. Check and see if your mom has all the necessary tools, or if she could use an upgrade. This is very nice because it t very little space for how many things it holsters. There are plenty of other choices that are a lot less expensive, or maybe she only needs a spatula. There is plenty of room for improvement in her kitchen. If she has all the tools maybe a decoration?

Favorite massage?

What is your favorite place to be massaged?

See results

Massage Equipment

Moms are some of the most overworked and unappreciated people. The amount of stress and work one can go through in one day can be taxing on one's body. After a hard day of running around maybe at work and running errands.. her feet could be killing her. Coming home to a foot massage every day can really boost moral and possibly put her in a better mood. So if you aren't willing to do it maybe get her a foot massager!

Every year there are newer and better items to choose from, be sure to get one for your mom and not yourself!

You can get something for every part of your body.. Even your arms and legs demonstrated by the video.

Find out what bugs your mom, do some research and pick up what you think she'd like. Make sure that you know that some of them can get pretty loud.

Candles/Candle Holders

It has been said that you should never give women candles as gifts. I find it to be true a lot of the times, but not always. My mom absolutely loves candles, in fact, it was probably the most excited she was for a gift! Many moms don't really want gifts and don't want their kids spending all their money, so getting a candle, especially if she likes them can be a very good idea. My mom specifically loves yankee candles. They do smell great, there is no doubt about that. They can get expensive. But I've done some thinking for you guys, if that whole thing is true about most women hating candles, you should be able to find great deals on Ebay.

If not you can try Amazon or the mall, but like I said Ebay almost always will get you the best deal.

Magazine Subscription

There are plenty of magazines to choose from everyone knows that. I picked Women's Health, because to me that sounds like something all women may be interested in. Check out some of the others like Oprah's O magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Family Fun, gardening you name it, they have it. This isn't a gift I'd get my mom, but plenty of moms are in to this.

A lot of moms still prefer magazines to the internet and TV so this is a legitimate possibility.


Get her a nice pair of pajamas. There are plenty to choose from, but not all are that great. The Frankie and Johnny bsofts are some very comfortable PJs. I'd recommend them, but you can always do some snooping and find out what your mom likes. There are other choices than the style pictured. Pick what your mom likes and go with it. My mother is in love with Cuddl Duds especially the soft wear with stretch. She has gotten rid of the old sweat pants and has updated today's style trend. She wears them all day and night because they are so comfortable. she uses bottoms as leggings.

Your mom sleeps every night, see what she likes to wear and get her a nice set of pajamas.

Photo Frame

A great idea would be to get this Sony Digital Photo Frame. The treat is not really the photo frame, but more the pictures you put on it. Maybe take pictures throughout the year and put them all on there, and next year you can do it again, and so on. That would really be something!

When she opens it she will immediately love it. How can she not love a frame with all of her favorite people in it? If you don't want to spend all that money you can just get picture and frame it. I'd personally go with the digital phone frame, its not only cool for your mom, but when people come over they will certainly notice it. Not many people have it, I am betting these type of frames will become standard in every house.

Apple Watch/Timepiece

Does your mom love watches? She may want a nice one that she only would take out to special occasions. You can go expensive or go cheap depending on what you think your mom would like. I don't think I have ever seen my mom wear a watch, so maybe I could try to get her one, but I think I'll pass. This would be a miss with me for sure, lol. Every mom is different though, and a watch certainly will be on the top of some mom's lists.

What present to get mom
What present to get mom


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    • profile image

      lovely 5 years ago

      your info is so helpful!. i have seen an apple shape TV near by my area and thought it is good one for my mom, maybe!!

    • profile image

      Ashley411 6 years ago

      This advice was very helpful, and she loved the the bathing products. She says it's helping her skin,and she's using it every day. Thanks for the advice. You should really post more advice for the best Christmas presents to buy for your mom....also may you post what to buy for your dad. It's really tough to think on my own...............i suck at buying presents, but good think I stumbled on your amazing advice. Once again.....THANK-YOU.

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Oh bathing products are a great idea! If I have extra budget, I'll buy her a good timepiece :) Thanks for this useful hub! Voted up!


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