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Best Christmas 2009 Powertools for the Handyman/Handywoman of Your Life

Updated on November 6, 2009
BLACK+DECKER ASI300 Air Station Inflator
BLACK+DECKER ASI300 Air Station Inflator

Powerful and portable, the Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is the portable solution to household and on-the-go inflation needs. An illuminated pressure gauge gives you precise control, with an automatic shut off feature to make inflation easy. The ASI300 draws power from any home outlet or your vehicle's lighter socket, so you can set it up where you need it.


For those that love to spend most of their day in their garage fixing, assembling and crafting, the good news is that Christmas 2009 has a lot of hot power tools to offer. Indeed, it may be quite challenging for the gift giver to find the most appropriate power tool for the beloved handy-man/handy-woman of their lives simply because there is so much to choose from. A little hint may go a long way to help direct the gift giver in the right direction. For instance, reading a flyer and commenting: ''Hey, I can't believe that this new model of cordless rotary tool just came out!'' or casually coming back in from the garage to get a drink: ''Life could be much easier if only I had a more comprehensive tool kit'' may be a good way to effectively deliver your gift wish statement.

Christmas 2009 Hottest Power tools

-Toro 5159 Ultra 12 AMP Electric Blower/Vacuum

Cleaning up saw dust is always a chore, but with this strong Toro 5159 Electric blower/vacuum cleaning up will be a piece of pie. This powerful power tool is capable of accomplishing three main tasks: it blows, it vacuums and it shreds. It features variable speeds so to tackle a variety of tasks the right way, matching the power to the task. Despite its efficacy and power it is amazingly light putting little strain on the back and also very quiet compared to other brands. You really cannot go wrong with this product and best of all it comes at a very affordable price!

-Black and Decker SI300 Air Station Inflator

This powerful air inflator is portable and best of all compact, so you can easily store it in a corner of your garage or in your car's trunk. Easily inflate your vehicle's tires, bicycle, inflatable mattress, lawn mower, sport balls and so on. With an inflation power up to 160 PSI this air station will be the perfect gift with the handy man (or handy woman) of the home. It comes with an easy to read gauge that illuminated for night time use, a standard nozzle plus extension,an automatic shut off option once the desired pressure is obtained, a needle inflator, a120-volt cord and plug, a 12-volt cord and plug, plus a two year warranty.

-Dremel 750-02 Minimite Cordless Rotary Tool

Dealing with cords can be quite annoying especially when they get in your way during delicate tasks. With you in mind, Dremel created this efficient cordless rotary tool. It comes in two speeds so to tackle a variety of tasks from making cutouts out of hard materials such as tile or ceramic to even trimming your dog's nails! The rotary tool comes equipped with a rechargeable 4.8 volt battery, a three hour battery charger, sanding drum, felt wheel, sanding band, carbide stone and a two year warranty.

-Makita BDF452HW Cordless Driver Drill kit

What better item gives the idea of a handy man or handy woman than a powerful drill? This industrial quality power tool however is not the average power drill and is not for the average person. Indeed this cordless driver drill kit is for the sophisticated handy person looking for leading edge technology, energy efficiency and industrial strength power.

-Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Light, efficient, powerful, accurate and durable. This qualities are featured by the The Hitachi C10FCE2 Compound Miter Saw. This is the perfect gift for those passionated woodworkers, carpenters and framers out there without getting too messy. Indeed, the compound miter saw comes equipped with a handy dust collector to minimize the accumulation of dust.

As seen, there are several power tools for all the power tool aficionados out there. The main issue is choosing the perfect gift and avoiding to purchase any duplicate items. A good way to get a hint is by casually asking if the handy man or handy woman is missing anything. Something like ''Wow, you sure have a great tool collection, I bet you have everything that is available out there''. Hopefully a list of most wanted items will follow...hint hint!


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