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The Best Disco Lights

Updated on July 10, 2010

Get the Best Disco Lights!

A disco ball is a great way to light up a party with some Disco Lights!
A disco ball is a great way to light up a party with some Disco Lights!

Introduction to the Best Disco Lights

At any party the atmosphere simply has to be great for people to have a good time. The music has to be good, the people need to be lively, and the disco lights have to give a hint of the decadent and the exotic to your layout.

There are all kinds tools you can use, from disco strobe lights to disco balls, all of which can give an instant disco feel to any party . Choosing the right disco lighting for your party is not always easy, fortunately our guide will show you everything from hanging disco lights to the simple battery operated disco ball.

Types of Disco Lights

There are a wide range of disco lights which can be used to bring the perfect disco lighting to any party. Most kinds of lights also come in battery operated disco light form, or hanging disco lights form.

Over this article on the best disco lights I will be helping you find the perfect set up for your party, whether you need a set of cheap disco lights, or a DJ disco light set!

While a disco mirror ball might not be a light specifically, there is no other kind of disco light accessories which can give you the same kind of party atmosphere! For that reason I will definitely be including a section on the classic rotating disco ball!

Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights are some of the Best Disco Lights!
Strobe Lights are some of the Best Disco Lights!

The Strobe Light Disco Light

The strobe light is probably one of the most Iconic disco lights of all time. Whether you throw a couple of battery operated strobe lights around the room, or have some high powered strobe lights as part of a DJ disco lights setup, the fast paced strobe light adds a whole load of excitement to any disco party when used correctly!

You can easily find freestanding strobe lights or hanging strobe lights so you can have your disco strobe lights set up exactly how you want.

While most strobe lights will be controlled by a DJ via a DJ Disco Lights set, you can also get automatic strobe lights, which will automatically come on when the music becomes fast paced. While this can be good for your Disco lighting, it can sometimes come on too often, at the wrong time, or the automatic strobe light might not come on at all.

A disco strobe light set up can be more than just a bright flashing white light, you can also get laser strobe lights which flash as they weave patterns over the dancing crowd below. You can find some great blue strobe lights and red strobe lights which offer fantastic disco strobe lights!

As new technology has emerged LED strobe lights are becoming increasingly popular for their high visability, low power consumption and long lifespans, which make an LED strobe light an ideal solution ffor any disco lighting!

Get a Disco Ball for your Disco Lights!

The Disco Ball is an iconic party symbol which has been around for decades. Whether you want a hanging disco ball, a rotating disco ball, or even a DJ disco ball, there are plenty of disco ball lighting options!

It is undeniable that the disco ball is one of the best disco lights around. The good news is that you can buy a disco ball relatively cheap, and these Disco party balls will stay the center of any disco lighting setup for a long time!

I personally prefer a rotating disco ball over a plain hanging disco ball, it helps immensely with keeping the light moving, which is essential for any disco lighting setup. Using a rotating disco ball light is pretty much essential for any disco party lights. If you do decide to buy a rotating disco ball then you have to remember that it will more than likely be a battery powered disco ball, so you might have to keep a stock of batteries on hand to keep your rotating disco ball going all night long!

Having a full sized disco ball is not always appropriate for smaller paries, fortunately you can find a mini disco ball, or even a rotating mini disco ball which will halp give even small parties a little bit of that disco feeling.  The great thing is that a mini disco ball also comes at a mini price, you can often find great deals on mini disco balls!

Black Light Make Up

Black Lights can give you a whole load of fun with some black light makeup!
Black Lights can give you a whole load of fun with some black light makeup!

Black Lights give the Perfect Party Lights!

Black lights have been making a resurgence in disco lighting over the last few years, and are great disco lights to have at any party.  Black lights have the ability to make certain colors and kinds of paint glow up in the dark, this vastly improves any dsico atmosphere!

Generally dark lights can be kept to a minimum, and two or three dark lights spread around the dance floor can add a great edge to any party, especially if you hand out a  bit of free dark light make up!

Dance Floor Lights - The Perfect Disco Lights!

Made famous from numerous movies, dance floor lights can be the best way to get people to jump on the dancefloor and show off their moves.  Dance floor lights can be the ideal disco lights setup, but unfortuantely they don't come cheap.

If however you are looking to find some dance floor lights for your party, then you can rent these fantastic disco lights from many party rental agencies!

DJ Disco Lights

If you are bringing a DJ to your disco make sure he brings some DJ Disco lights along to give you a lightshow which gives you visual entertainment with disco lights in time with your disco music! DJ Disco light sets are generally of a much higher quality than what you can buy for any single party, if you own a club, or host regular parties, getting a high quality DJ disco lights set is an essential purchase, and you can also get a DJ mirror ball to enhance your syncronized lights show!

Disco Laser Lights

Disco laser lights are a little more recent than the majority of the disco lights in this list, but they are still a great way to give your party some fantastic disco lighting. Disco laser lights come in all kinds of colors, and can often be programmed to give a preset laser show, or move in time to the music.

While disco laser lights are a great way to light your party, you may prefer some more retro disco laser lights if you are hosting a party set in one of the disco party eras!

For modern parties disco laser lights are perfect for light displays, and they can easily be mixed with rotating disco balls, to give the retro mirrored disco ball effect with the modern disco laser lights.

The Best Disco Lights for You

The great thing about all these disco lights is that you can mix and match to give yourself the perfect disco lighting scenary for any disco party you want to have. Choosing the best disco lights for your needs.

With the wide range of disco lights available you will be able to find the perfect


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