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Best Easter Bunny Costumes

Updated on March 12, 2013

Easter Bunny Costumes

With Easter fast approaching maybe you are looking for some fun way to dress up for an Easter party or to host an Easter egg hunt. Or maybe your kids are going to an Easter egg hunt and want to feel the part. Although there are plenty of choice for Easter costumes, really the top costume for Easter has got to be the Easter bunny costume. It's fun and cuddly and appeals to both children and adults. you also get a lot of choice and can find some costumes at really good prices.

So you have the option to buy a complete Easter bunny costume for either yourself of your kids or else you can make some of the elements yourself if you just want a part costume. One simple way you can get in the spirit of things is just to make yourself a pair of Easter bunny ears. All you need to do this is a hairband, some wire and some appropriate furry material. However, if you don't have the time or are not really a crafty person then you may prefer just to buy the accessories and you can do this quite cheaply.

Easter is a time for bunnies and... chocolate!
Easter is a time for bunnies and... chocolate!

Easter Bunny Costume Options

So, you can either just go for the full costume - now this may be better on children than it is on adults as kids will look seriously cute in these costumes - but there are complete adult size bunny costumes if you really want to dare to go that far! The costumes may get a bit warm if you live somewhere with a hotter climate so beware!

If you don't want to go for the whole all in one costume then you can just opt for the accessories - like a pair of bunny ears and a tail, with maybe some makeup to add some whiskers and a nose, a slightly more subtle outfit!

Boy's Easter Bunny Costume

InCharacter Baby Lil' Bunny Costume
InCharacter Baby Lil' Bunny Costume

I picked out this Easter bunny costume because most of the bunny costumes look really cutesy in a girly kind of way but this one seemed to be a great one for little boys while still making them look cute (obviously the girls can wear it too!). But added to that it has good reviews. Make sure you check the waist sizing before you buy so that you get the right fit.


Kid's Bunny Costume

Forum Kids Cute Plush Easter Bunny Rabbit Halloween Costume M
Forum Kids Cute Plush Easter Bunny Rabbit Halloween Costume M

There is not a massive choice in bunny costumes for kids as most of the costumes are for adults or toddlers but after a search through I found this costume which had good reviews and does look really cute for boys or girls. Most of these costumes do have the problem that the ears don't stick up as they do on the pictures so maybe cut the seam and add some cardboard inside if you want them to do that. Also make sure you air the costume before wearing so that it smells nice and fresh. With most of these you get what you pay for so if you get a great value costume you may need to make a couple of simple adjustments.

This costume comes in a choice of sizes from 2 to 8 years old.


Easter Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears/White w/Hang Tag
Bunny Ears/White w/Hang Tag

If you just want a pair of Easter bunny ears then there are quite a few to choose from. It looks like you will get what you pay for and for this low price you couldn't actually make them any cheaper I would imagine.


Easter Bunny Costume Options

So there are a wide variety of options available if you are looking for an Easter bunny costume and it depends if you are leading an Easter egg hunt or just going to an Easter party or having fun with the family. You don't have to pay a fortune but you do get what you pay for so bear that in mind when purchasing.

Oh, and Happy Easter!


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