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Birthday Gift Idea's For Him- 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Updated on February 3, 2015

Best Gift Idea's For Him

His birthday near and you still don't have the perfect gift for him. Finding a special gift for a man is like picking the perfect shoes for a dress. If it is not right it can be a disaster.

No more ties for our special men on birthdays or Fathers Day. Not unless it comes hanging on a great gift. A special gift for him is about making him feel appreciated.

I know that you will see more than enough electronics but of course they are never a wrong gift. I just wanted to share some gift ideas that will keep him healthy.

Special Healthy Gifts For Him

A great exercise machine that doesn't involve growing old while on it everyday or an oxygenated watercooler that could give him new found energy.

The main cause of our men not using their exercise machines is that they become bored doing the same thing and ultimately using it as a coat hanger. So my thought is to show you a machine to help your man find his "sexy" with a machine that requires less time.

The ROM machine is very pricey for most but a multi exercise workout machine will suffice. I couldn't even find this at the Amazon website! Hopefully a membership at a gym that carries it will allow your favorite man to experience this awesome machine.

Healthy Gifts For Him - 1.) Range Of Motion Machine

2.) Oxygenated Water Cooler

Getting oxygen in your system will alkaline your favorite mans body and give him a new release on life. If he is middle aged and have noticed aches and pains, a clean body will add years onto his life and relieve the pain . A healthy man is a fun man.

An alkaline body will solve a lot of health problems now and in the future. Add some pain-free years to big daddy's life.

3.) Inversion Machine-

It will only take literally moments to stretch out that painful back. Hard working man will enjoy days of rejuvenation with this inversion machine as a gift. A little stretching to take the tension off is just what the doctors ordered. In no time at all you can be your old self again. Without the back pain!

4.) You!

There is nothing better than giving your time and love to let someone know you care. The perfect gift for him is the gift of good health is not under rated and will give them something to brag about later.

A birthday, graduation, Fathers Day etc can be very special every year when you let your special man know that his health is very important to you. He will feel like a king and see any gift you get as the perfect gift for him.

Now that you have read all about healthy but more expensive gifts I have listed several less costly gift ideas for you to consider if your not ready to go all the way.


10 Special, Practical, Romantic Or Fun Gifts Ideas for Him!

You don't have to be well off for these gift ideas for him to make sure he has a wonderful day. You can play it safe and get something practical, romantic, or surprise him and let his inner child come out and play! Here are some suggestion you may really find useful below!

  1. Gift Baskets with his favorite snacks, hobby items or naughty surprises.
  2. Massage coupon- professional or private
  3. Weekend get-a-way for two.
  4. Cell Phones as a gift is thoughtful and practical.
  5. Monogrammed gift- Dad can have his name on his favorite item.
  6. Day at the racetrack.
  7. Fishing trip
  8. Paid Golf outing
  9. Tickets to see favorite team.
  10. Subscription to favorite magazine/ cable channel


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