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Best Father's Day Ever

Updated on June 21, 2015

The Best Gift a Father could ask for

I am a father and I am blessed to be a father. It is the gift of life, a package also called parenthood wrapped with a lot of love that is going to take a life time to unwrap and I am looking forward to doing so.

Sometimes I wonder who came up with the idea of Father’s day. I suppose if I did some research I would find out for sure. At the end of the day it does not really matter for it is now a part of our culture and a good part of our culture. It is a reminder of the importance of being a father. It is a day to appreciate all fathers and for dads to know that they are appreciated. It is a day to share love, to know that you are loved and appreciated in but a few sincere words.` Happy Father’s Day.’

Like almost every other occasion to our wonderful society, it is not only an occasion to spread the love but also an opportunity for commerce. Maybe it was an entrepreneur that came up with the idea of father’s day. It is an entrepreneurial opportunity for almost every corporation in America and other places that celebrate father’s day to make money.

This is the part to Father’s day that I do not like or appreciate. All week leading up to father’s day, it has been almost impossible to watch television without some reference to a product and to Father’s day. It has been almost impossible to listen to the radio without hearing what to buy for your father on father’s day. The emphasis is on father’s day but with a spin to spending money on something. After a while you get tired listening to all the commercial promotions and start wondering where is all the love?

I am a father with three beautiful young children and all I really want from them on Father’s day is something that I already have. All I want for father’s day is their love, hugs and kisses. These are the three greatest and best gifts that I could ever want from them. Every day is father’s day really as is mother’s day because we are parents and every day we have to act as parents or like mum and dad.

It is not like Christmas or Easter that is specific to a particular time or person in history but to a particular part of our everyday life and being. Christmas and Easter do however have something in common with father’s day in that they are also about celebrating love but have become more commercial occasions.

While on the subject of Easter and Christmas, we should not all forget to say Happy Father’s day to our Almighty father in Heaven. We are all here compliments of the creator and should use this opportunity to say Happy Father’s day to the creator.

I know that my children are somehow going to try and celebrate Father’s day with the help of their mum of course but what they do not know is that it is already a Happy Father’s day for me. In fact it has been a very Happy Father’s weekend. It has been the best father’s weekend ever.

There are somethings that money cannot buy and or somethings to which no monetary value can be attached. Money makes somethings more affordable and can provide anyone with a more comfortable lifestyle but money cannot buy you time and it is how you spend your time in life that gives purpose and meaning to your life. It is how you spend your time with loved ones that gives value to love and to all your relationships. The more time that you spend with family, the more value you give to the family and to your loved ones. The more beautiful memories you can also create.

Here lies the essence of being a father and a parent. It is to spend time with your children.Before you know it, they will be saying goodbye dad or see you later dad and later could be a very long time. You will of course also have to spend a lot of money along the way but that should be as a matter of necessity and or out of love rather than being prompted by commercial publicity.

I have had the opportunity to watch my children grow up and to spend some time with them growing up. It is not an opportunity that all fathers may have had and so I am grateful for the opportunity and I would not trade anything in the world for the moments that I have shared with them. I could not ask for anything from them either but their own happiness and wellbeing.

Father’s day began from the day my children were born and every day is father’s day. I cannot remember every single moment but they all lie embedded in feelings that I carry around with me for the rest of my life and they are good feelings.

If you were to ask me what we did last father’s day or what I got for father’s day, I could not tell you but I can tell you that it was a good father’s day because I was in the company of my children and I carry good feelings about it within me. If you were to ask me how I am spending father’s day here and now, I can definitely tell you that and I can tell you that I am having a wonderful blast.

I had a road trip, a cross country road trip. Father’s day for me always coincides with my partner’s birthday. We live in Georgia and she had to be in Oregon for a conference. Her birthday was on the 16th of June and Father’s day a few days later. The kids did not want to miss her birthday or Father’s day and so the only way to combine both was to go on a road trip, a 6000 mile round trip or thereabouts.

A daunting thought, but I have come to learn that if you think too much about any long journey, you never get to make the journey and it could be a wonderful journey. Life is like that. You have to make the journey, in order to get to your destination. Even parenthood is a journey and I will be on that journey for the rest of my life.

And so we make the journey, from state to state, hotel to hotel, stopping to rest along the way and for a layover in Chicago at a friend’s place on our way back from Oregon. It was a long but beautiful road trip. The kids complained from time to time, they argued, they cursed each other, they joked with each other, they laughed and they made us laugh. The weather was fantastic for sightseeing purposes until we got to the borders of Chicago but of no great distraction from the entire package.

One thing about being in a car on a long road trip is that you cannot get much more physically closer to each other. You either also get to bond closer or grow further apart. There is no getting out of the car and walking home. That would be one very long walk but there was never a need for that. It was family time together and I will always appreciate it and remember it. I will always be thankful to my partner and to the kids for the adventure, for it is not something that I would have suggested but it is something I would definitely recommend as a Father’s day gift. It has been the best father’s weekend ever and the best Father’s day ever.

Jason U for SpreadPositivity- 2015.


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