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Best Father's Day Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Updated on May 22, 2012

Remember-Fathers Day is Sunday June 17, 2012!

With father's day right around the corner it's time to start brainstorming for gift ideas. Chances are your dad already has at least one t-shirt, mug or tie that proclaims him to be "The World's Greatest Dad." No doubt he will feign appreciation if you present him with yet another father's day novelty item, but why not give him something that he will really love and use throughout the year?

Father's day is your chance to your big chance to show him how much you care. Of course dads deserve recognition and love every day of the year, but his special day is the perfect time to let him know you appreciate and respect him for all the hard work and sacrifice over the years.

If you are at a loss for ideas, why not look to his hobbies and interests? Picking a gift he will use again and again shows him you care enough to put some real thought into his father's day gift. Hopefully one of these gift ideas for fathers who love the great outdoors will inspire you to make this years gift one he truly cherishes.

Gift Ideas for the Dad that Loves Camping and Hiking

If your father enjoys the outdoors you are in luck, because there are a huge variety of products aimed at campers and hikers. For example if he loves camping, maybe you could take a peek at his gear and see what is missing or due for an upgrade. A mobile GPS makes a great present, and any outdoors-man will find it useful. Take some time to learn all the features and how they work so you can help him learn the ins and outs of his new gadget. Other ideas could include new camp chairs, a more spacious and easy to set up tent, or a new air mattress to make camping more comfortable.

You could even offer to arrange a family camping trip. Any camper will tell you the planning and packing before the trip is the most stressful part. Offer to take care of all the annoying details and arrange for all the siblings and grand kids to come along.

If your outdoor loving dad seems to have everything under the sun pertaining to his particular hobby, it's time to think outside the box. One thing my dad did NOT have was a custom survival kit. Hopefully he will never have to use it, but it makes an impressive and thoughtful gift.

Gifts Any Fisherman Would Love

If your father is a fishing fanatic take a look in his tackle box for gift giving inspiration. Maybe the tackle box itself is due for an upgrade. Other ideas could be a new fishing pole, reels or specialized lures. If you aren't very knowledgeable about fishing equipment you can't go wrong with a fishing hat. It will keep his eyes protected from the sun during time spent on the water or shore. A light weight portable cooler might come in handy for toting along snacks and drinks. He might also appreciate a sturdy and comfy chair to bring along, or a water-proof cushion to sit on.

Planning a fishing trip on, or around fathers day, is another way to show your dad how much you care. Even if you aren't much for fishing, let him show you his time tested tricks for catching the big one. Dad's love passing on knowledge, and will really enjoy getting to spend quality time together.

Keep in mind his old tackle box may be rusty and dented, but if it's a family heirloom he will be reluctant to replace it. If he loves talking about an old piece of gear that his dad or grandfather passed on to him, look for other items that might need upgrading.

Is Dad Crazy About Cars?

Is your dad a car enthusiast? Does he spend many Saturday afternoons washing and waxing his vehicle? He might enjoy a detailing kit. You could even offer to wash and wax his car on the big day, saving him the extra effort. This is the kind of gift that he will remember throughout the year whenever he spends time preening over his vehicle. Headlight restoration kits are another option to look into if his headlights are dull and yellowed.

Does He Have the Best Looking Yard on the Block?

Does your dad enjoy yard work? If he takes pride in the look of his lawn try to think of something that will make his job easier. Poke around his shed for ideas. Are his hedge trimmers dull and rusty? Consider giving him a new pair, or even upgrading to an electric model that will save him time and energy with every use.

If your father desires the greenest lawn on the block an aerator might be something he doesn't already have. They come in a variety of sizes and prices to fit any budget. You can even find aerators that you wear on your feet!

If your dad counts lawn work as just another chore on the to-do list consider letting him take it easy for a weekend or two while you are the one outside working up a sweat. He'll appreciate the effort you put into mowing, edging, trimming and maybe even cleaning out the gutters.

Hopefully something here has sparked at least a few ideas for a great gift for your father. Even if your short on cash this year there are plenty of inexpensive but useful items any outdoorsman would appreciate. The very best gift to show your dad how much you care is your time and love. As we grow into adulthood our lives become busy with work and families of our own. Dads will cherish the memories you've made together much more than any gift, no matter how expensive.


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