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Best Father's Day and Groomsmen Gifts

Updated on June 20, 2010

Perfect Gift Ideas for Dad and Groomsmen

Every year for Father's Day and every wedding I come across, people always get stumped on what to buy for a guy.  The thing is that it really is simple if you don't let yourself get stressed out about what to buy for the guy who has everything already.  Many people think about themselves and what they would want.  The thing you have to remember though is to think about them, their interests, their jobs, what they do for fun and even if they have everything they could need, that doesn't mean that they have everything to accessorize their lives with their passions and things that they love.  Take a lawyer who loves to golf. 

If he is a successful lawyer than he can probably afford whatever he would like so he is a prime person who has everything.  So forget about new golf clubs, they are to expensive anyways, forget about a DVD set of his favorite tv show, instead think about his passions and what he enjoys or how to bring his passions to work.  Laywers have to read and research every day.  They always have to buy new volumes of reference and law books and because of this need somewhere to store them or always need more book space. 

With all of the books and their constant need to reference them, a great gift idea is to give them bookends that are golf related or golf gift bookends so that you not only give them something that can sit on his desk and hold the books he uses the most, but also bring his favorite passion which is golf into his work place and help bring a little fun back to work.  Then the next year you can use any of the following gift ideas to help keep the Gold Gifts and ideas live for this lawyer who has everything. 

So as you can see there are ways to bring in something that is useful and that your Dad or Groomsmen will need and it can also be made custom for him by combining his interests so it ends up working out to be a gift that he will not only love, but one that he will also need and may end up using.  Here are some sample gift ideas for Dads, Father's Day and for Groomsmen. 

Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders sound cheesy and obvious or like throw away gifts, but the thing people don't realize is that now adays there are a ton of options and styles.  You can get golf themed business card holders, you can have leather business card holders, crystal business card holders and even gold or silver ones.  The other thing is that if you get him to leave a business card holder in his briefcase or business travel bag, he'll thank you when he gets to his meeting, conference or show.  I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten mine and when I get there my cards always get messed up.  Because you can also get themed ones like cooking or golf, there is a unique business card holder that he will enjoy carrying and showing off. 

Office and Desk Games or Stress Accessories.

Everyone needs a break during the day or when you are on boring conference calls you end up stuck fidgeting with a pen or the phone cord or falling asleep if you have them on speaker phone.  This is why each year I absolutely love it when I get a desk or office gay or even a business gift that is also a toy.  I cannot tell you how many times office and business toy gifts have gotten me through boring phone calls and meetings.  Not to mention your groomsmen will thank you while they have something to do when you are waiting for everyone to get seated in the reception area and they need something brainless and fun. 

A night away.

Everyone can use a night away from everything.  Whether it is away from work, the family or even with your friends or partner, everyone needs a night off and away from everything every once in a while.  The problem is that hotels are expensive, especially if you want to book them for your groomsmen which is why many people don't think to give Dad or Groomsmen a night off.  This is why when I found this newer site called I had to share it since you are able to find some of the lowest hotel prices around and you can book the same day. has made it possible for me to not only give myself but also enable me to give other people a night off for a gift or for friends when they need a night away in any city.  A night away is the perfect gift for anyone regardless if it is for Father's Day or your Groomsmen or for Gay Weddings or Straight Weddings, everyone wants and will love their night off. 

There are some easy to do and classic gifts that can not only be used to customize to anyone's needs and whether it is a bookend, a business card holder or a night away from the family, they are all perfect gift ideas for almost any Dad or Groomsmen. 


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