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Best Gift Cards and Certificates to Give

Updated on June 12, 2011

Best Gift Cards to Give for Presents

It can be hard thinking of a present for some people and if you don't know somebody well you don't want to risk getting them a present as it is very hard to guess what someone wants and likes. You can't get alcohol as some people don't drink, let alone getting a drink they want, chocolate is not for everyone and you don't want to spend $100 getting an Ipod!

You don't want to give money as that just appears lazy and looks like you forgot but just thought I will give them $20 so a gift card is the best choice. However even then you want the best gift cards to give as a present because you could end up getting them a gift card for a clothes shop they hate! And that is where this article comes in - showing you the very best gift cards to give as a present to that someone you are not that familiar with!

Below are the best gift cards to give to anybody whether your neighbour, second cousin, brother-in-law, teacher, boss or your friends mum!

Example of the brilliant Amazon gift cards you can send!
Example of the brilliant Amazon gift cards you can send! | Source Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Various Designs) Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Various Designs)

There are many different options including gift cards sent by email, printed, via Facebook and you can add a personal note to the card as well. There are many different designs available as well as denominations from $10 to $1000! Gift Cards and Gift Certificates is in my opinion the best gift card you can give someone (or at least someone who has the Internet!) They offer the best range of products varying from books, beauty, music, kindle books, electronics, musical instruments, watches, DVD's, computer games, sports products, clothing, software, watches and more!

Anyone can find the perfect product at a great price as well as seeing reviews from other consumers and buying from a trusted retailer.

For this reason, is the United States of America's most popular online retailer and that is why an Amazon gift card they can't be beaten! Gift Certificates

Amazon Gift Cards - The best gift card you can give! You can choose designs for any occasion in addition to specific Amazon stores and other great designs. Gift cards can be sent via mail, Facebook, email and printed.

You can even give anything up to $5000, choose how many gift cards you send and even schedule gift cards up to a year in advance!

Itunes Gift Card

If you the lucky recipient is a music fan or even just have an Ipod, Ipod Touch, Iphone, Ipad then this is the a great gift card to get. Apart from buying music, they can purchase games, apps and even films to watch on the go.

It is another excellent choice but you should check they have an Ipod first!


SUBWAY is a very popular food establishment and this gift card can be used in over 24,000 Subway restaurants in North America and can be redeemed against their delicious fresh Subs, wraps and drinks!

It is a million times better than McDonalds and is much healthier as it is all fresh, healthy food!

Great for people who like food!

Microsoft Points Cards

Microsoft Points

Microsoft Points are the virtual currency of the Xbox 360 and allow you to buy games, rent films, download extra content for games like levels, songs and maps, get avatar gear, themes, get brilliant Xbox Live Arcade Games and more!

Anyone with an Xbox will love Microsoft Points and it is a great gift.

Cheap Microsoft Points

Gift Cards for Presents

All of these gift cards are brilliant presents for someone you don't know very well like your boss or colleague or next door neighbour.  

The best bet is an Amazon gift card as everyone loves shopping on Amazon, but other options include Itunes cards which are great for Ipod fans, Microsoft points for gamers and also SUBWAY vouchers for the food eaters (the Subway may also be good to encourage someone to have healthier food than McDonalds!)

I hope you found this article interesting and now get the right gift card for that person.

Thanks for reading!

Know any other great gift certificates? I welcome comments!

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