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Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Older People 2014 Review

Updated on January 9, 2014

Buying a gift for my grandparents can sometimes be tough! They have everything they need but at the same time they love receiving gifts -- and for no particular occasion.

Even a practical gift is appreciated that helps make life easier for them.

But if you are giving to someone who still has a good sense of humor, we'll give you some ideas that will bring out some giggles and laughs. Just what the doctor ordered, right?

Top Rated Gift Ideas for Older Elderly People

Senior Moments Board Game

Gifting the elderly doesn't need to be difficult with the Senior Moments board game from TDC games. This popular and fun game is a great gift for a playful older person who laughs at their own mistakes.

For 2 to 4 players this can be played with other elderly people or even their grandkids. The game includes hundreds of funny lists that test your memory and keep your mind in shape.

The game includes the memory lists, 46 Senior Moment cards, eight Lost Key cards, 2 game booklets, the game board, colored markers and a die. This fun and silly game give your brain exercise while having fun. It is easy to play and doesn't take long like Monopoly, game play averaging at around an hour or less.

Multiple customers have given this gift to their parents or grandparents and have been very satisfied with it. This is the perfect, fun gift for the grandparent who has everything.

It's slightly random, but they are sure to get a kick out of it and enjoy pulling it out for some playtime. If you are lost on what to gift an elderly person then turn to the Senior Moments board game.

Great Gifts for Elderly People

Expressively Yours Bracelet

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for your grandmother then buy Love, Grandmother, Forever silver and crystal Expressively Yours Bracelet. This piece of jewelry is pretty, but inexpensive so it would make the perfect quick gift.

This silver like bracelet some with a special grandmother card, a heart charm, and it is all in a cute little gift box. This is the perfect way to show your grandmother how much you love her anytime of the year.

This is a gift that would work for birthdays or holidays or just a day you want to make her feel special. It is also a great idea for letting a younger child give it to her, as it is a cute little trinket. Reviewers were surprised by how well made the bracelet is for the price and state it is a great deal.

One customer received this as a gift and feel in love with it. After buying the bracelet and receiving it multiple people have kept on buying them for other members of the family.

It is well made, easy to get on and off, and doesn't look as cheap as it was to buy. If you are looking for a heart touching gift then buy the Love, Grandmother, Forever silver and crystal Expressively Yours Bracelet.

A Gift to Help them Stand Comfortably

Standers Able Tray

For a gift that will actually be useful in everyday life give the Standers Able Tray. This allows the user to stand and sit down easily and comfortably.

It is sturdy and durably made with an ergonomically designed handle for safety and good balance when standing or sitting.

The swivel tray has a cup holder and a utensil compartment which is handy. The tray is ideal for a laptop, crafts, or eating and if you need to get up to get something the tray simply swivels out of the way and the handle assists you in standing. The tray is perfect for the elderly, someone who just had surgery, or someone with a bad back and does not hinder mobility.

The Able Tray is adjustable in length and height so it can be used all over the home. The tray also has super grip rubber pads for stability purposes and to protect your floor from damage. This is a great product and is well made. For a useful gift choose the Standers Able Tray as the gift to give.

A Gift Idea to Help Seniors Organize Their Medications

7 Day 4 Compartment Pill Organizer

Another useful gift choice would be the 7 Day Pillbox Organizer by Borinhalbich. The organizer is well priced and well-reviewed.

Each compartment is color coded for each day of the week, which makes taking pills easier and the secure lids keep the pills safe. The letters are large and black for easy day of the week identification and this pill organizer make taking your medicine simple.

It's no surprise that the older you get the more problems arise and the more pills and vitamins you have to take. This amazing organizer takes the hassle out of taking your medicine. Stock it up for the week and you are good to go.

Also, stocking early allows you to keep track of when you have to get prescription refills. Each daily pill box also has an Am and a Pm compartment for even more organization.

Thanks to the secure lids it is easy to transport your pills as well. This pill organizer looks amazing and even I am convinced this would make a great gift idea.

My own dad is getting on in years and already takes quite a bit of medicines, so this would be a faster and more organized way for him to take his daily doses. Give the gift of organization and health with the 7 day Pill Box Organizer.

A Great Gag Gift Ideas for Elderly People / Seniors 2013

How about a Senior Survival Kit?

Over the Hill Survival Kit

Last but not least we have an elderly gag gift. The Over the Hill Survival Kit by Factory Card and Party Outlet is a cut and fun gift idea that is sure to get them laughing.

The kit includes anti-aging soap, survival pills for stamina, oil of old age to smooth wrinkles, chattering dentures, gray b gone, and fiber. Some of the customers were upset that most of the bottles were empty, but the laugh makes the price worth it and you do get candy for pills and a real bar of soap.

Most people paired this gag gift with a real gift to make it worth it, which is not a bad idea.

Pairing the Over the Hill Survival Kit with the Senior Moments board game would make a fun party theme and the receiver of the gift will absolutely get a kick out of the kit. The Over the Hill Survival kit would be great for someone approaching old age or in the thick of it with funny elderly problems going on. Either way this would be a great gag gift.

What gift would you give to an older person?

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    • ladydeonne profile image

      Deonne Anderson 4 years ago from Florence, SC

      Buying a gift for the elderly can be challenging, but if you do your research and know your recipient's life style, you can make the right choices. You have fodder for several hubs here as I'm certain that there are many gifts out there that the elderly will love. My favorite gift is the gag gift. Voted up and shared.