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Best Gift Ideas for Young Men 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Christmas or Birthday Gift Ideas for Young Men 2013

When looking for a gift for the young man on your shopping list, finding something unique and different is the key. Young men can often be hard to buy for. From tweens to guys in their 20's, what do you get?

We have reviewed some products here that will be appropriate for many different ages and personality of young men so you are sure to find something he'll love.

Game Ideas for the Young Man

Mindflex Duel Game

For a young man who likes to test his mental abilities, this Mindflex Duel Game will keep him entertained for hours. Two players will duel with some intense concentration as they attempt to levitate a foam ball and move it across the platform. You can play alone as well if you choose, head to head, or in co-op modes.

This cool game features two headsets that sense brain activity and send messages to the gaming platform. It is quite easy to put on with the strap and clipping the sensor to an earlobe.

There is a small bit of air that gets the ball up off the platform but the rest is up to you in regards to moving it across to win the game. I think the most fun part of this game is how you can design your own obstacle courses so game play is different every time.

There are hoops, chutes, and hurdles that can either spin or hold still to make play more challenging. Power Push requires you to start in the center of the platform while pushing it to your opponents end. Mental Marathon mode encourages you to get to through the obstacles as fast as you can.

Race the LIghts is a mental race against the lights to get to the other side. Cortex Collision requires you to push through your opponents defenses so you can get to the other end. Basketblaster is fun and fast paced by allowing you to shoot as many baskets as you can in a certain timeframe.

Personal Care Gift for the Teenage Boy

Clarisonic Pro Skin Care System for Men

Young men often struggle with acne since their hormones haven't settled down yet. Help a guy out with this Clarisonic Pro Skin Care System for Men. This can be used for both cleansing and shaving.

For shaving, it applies shave gel for a much closer shave. For skin care, it has a 4 speed brush that uses sonic massaging actions to keep pores clean. It can help clear up oily or dry patches that will help eventually clear up acne.

To clean his face with this will mean that any other skin care products will be more effective since the pores are not already clogged with junk. It exfoliates as well so it can help cut down on fine lines too for a better overall glow.

It comes with a 4 speed skin care brush, 120V charging cradle, a normal brush head, and 3 trial size facial cleaners. You will want to advise that he use a good skin care cleanser since the results will be better with the machine.

Having a tool like this will save money over time because he won't need to buy multiple skin care products to get the results that this one item gives.

Book Gift Ideas for the Young Man

Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation

For young men, particularly teenagers, this book Every Young Man's Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation, is a good book to keep him chaste.

This would be a good gift for a Christian young man to help him not get caught up in the sexuality of our society. There are temptations for sex in every aspect of our culture; in movies, television, video games, music and splashed all over the Internet.

If a young man wants to remain a virgin and save that to share with his wife, then he must be prepared.

This is a book that incorporates God's teaching for a modern world. By training your senses, and having a plan of action in mind, a young man can stay focused on chastity. The author does describe some sexual experiences to give men an example of what to do in those situations but they are a bit graphic so I wouldn't suggest this read for young men under 17 or 16 years of age.

Trinkets and Games for the Young Man 2013

Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot

For young men who like to tinker, this Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot is a fun gift. By recycling a used soda can, they can easily turn it into a fun and silly robot.

The kit comes with all parts needed and instructions. This wobbly, googly eyed robot will move and delight everyone in the house. To run, it needs two AAA batteries that are not included. Assembly is quite easy and even when it gets played with, it remains in condition.

Younger teens and tweens will find this a very fun project that takes about an hour to assemble.

Active Gift Ideas for the Young Man

Sandmaster Footbag

For an active young man, a Sandmaster Footbag gets him socializing and a bit of exercise.

Footbags are in the family of sepa's and hacky sacks except they are usually made of leather or suede, and feature sand inside so they are a bit heavier to play with. These bags are 14 panels which make them last a long time with strong stitching. It also helps keep them rounded for more even kicks and stalls.

These particular bags are made with a soft yet tough synthetic suede. They measure 3" x 3" x 0.7" and weigh only 1.6 ounces. You might find that these bags are heavier than you are used to but they are give really great control.

Android Ninja 50 Skeleton Automatic Men's Watch
Android Ninja 50 Skeleton Automatic Men's Watch

Accessories for the Young Man

Android Ninja 50 Skeleton Watch

As a nice accessory that will keep a young man on time, this Android Ninja 50 Skeleton Watch is just the right gift. It features a round face and is made with surgical grade stainless steel for a nice shiny finish.

The face is open so working parts are seen through the spiked design around the edges. It has illuminated blue hands to see in the dark and features an automatic self wind.

It is a nice heavy watch that seems to be made to withstand many years of wear. There is a hardened mineral crystal that protects the round skeletonized dial. It fits a wrist up to 8 ΒΌ".

Gifts for a Teenage Boy

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