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15 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Cars

Updated on February 15, 2017
The ultimate gift for any car lover!
The ultimate gift for any car lover! | Source

Looking for that special for someone into cars can be daunting if you yourself have no inkling what to give them. One thing to keep in mind is that car enthusiasts love to spend a lot of time, effort and budget to make their 'babies' unique inside and out. You are talking about having customized body kits and unique car accessories for the interiors.

No gift will be unappreciated as long as it has something to do with cars. Of course, the ultimate gift to a car lover is a car itself, if you can afford it! However, when budget is limited what other way to gift to make your gift appear well thought-of. Check out this list of awesome gift ideas for your car enthusiast someone.

1. Car Detailing and Cleaning Kit

Car lovers love their car to be spic-and-span clean and silky-shiny-smooth so try to make a do-it-yourself thoughtful gift basket with any combination of the following: wipes, tire black, clay bar, car shampoo and car wax or car protectant. Your attention to details in coming up with this basket of gifts would never go unnoticed by the receiver

2. Emergency Road Kit

You may get the contents at any automotive store but by combining all into a car-themed putting gift basket such basic tools for an emergency road kit (road flare, cones, cords, flashlights, reflective vests and fuses) would be well appreciated by the receiver.

3. Car booster seat

For someone who is just starting a family or has smaller kids, a safety gift such as a car seat or booster would be a very timely and welcome gift.

4. GPS Navigation system

Save a clueless friend time and gas by getting a fabulous GPS navigation system to help navigate the streets. Though newer car models are already equipped with these GPS systems, older ones need this upgrade separately. GPS can be bought in any car accessory store or via online shopping sites as Ebay and

5. Auto show tickets

If there are upcoming auto shows in your area, tickets would be welcome gifts for any car enthusiast.

6. Driving gloves

Driving gloves are available in all shapes, colors and materials. Even one for you fashionable boss would be welcome.

7. Portable vaccuum cleaner

For someone who is neat-freak, keeping a car clean inside and out is a major preoccupation hence, a handy vacuum cleaner would be a great addition to his or her cleaning tools.

8. Car phone holder

Everybody owns a mobile phone and although using phones while driving is very risky, a car phone holder would be handy for those long trips. It doesn't just save your phone from slips but from spills as well.

9. Gift check or card for a car wash service

Maintaining a clean car can be such a drain for anyone on a budget so why not get your loved one a car wash center gift certificate or card, if they have this.

10. Car cover

For that friend of yours whom you know does not have her own garage, a car cover would be a truly welcome gift. It would help protect his or her car from the elements (sun, heat and snow) and scratches (animal or man-made).

11. Steering wheel cover

Does your teenage daughter or a favorite girlfriend likes to match her nail polish to her bag? Why not get her one of those detachable steering wheel covers that you can get in any material and color.

12. New set of tires

It might set you back a few more bucks but your father or anyone would smile ear to ear if you offer to give them a new set of car tires this Christmas.

13. Oil change or Tune up

You may also get those cards, from car casa or service center so your friend can have his car's oil change and tune up.

14. Music compilation

If you are short of cash and would want to do something special for your car lover sister or friend, why not make a compilation of her top favorite tunes and burn them in a recordable cd/dvd or save them in a flash drive, whichever is applicable. Surely, the receiver would appreciate the gesture.

15. Dashboard camera

Having a dashboard camera is a must-have for the safety of anyone who drives a vehicle. It is also useful in recording any incidence on the road to be used as reference later on for insurance claims and other road-related accidents.


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 7 years ago from Philippines

      Hi MrKnowledge! That one too! Too bad, they don't have that here in my region. I would love to try that one out. Thanks!

    • MrKnowledge profile image

      MrKnowledge 7 years ago from Tacoma!

      Don't forget the a dream car tour! I've been waiting for years for someone to get me a ticket to go to this!