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Best Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for a Four Year Old Girl

Updated on October 15, 2012
Best Birthday and Christmas gift ideas for a 4 year old girl.
Best Birthday and Christmas gift ideas for a 4 year old girl. | Source

Best Presents for a 4 year old girl!

It isn't always easy to go shopping for your 4 year old daughter, niece, granddaughter or family friend. What do 4 year old girls like to play with? What are some quality, affordable toys that she will want to play with over and over again?

This list of recommended toys for 4 year old girls will help you out. This list has only quality toys that will be played with over and over again. These ideas are also affordable, no matter what your budget, you'll be able to find something on this list for the 4 year old little girl in your life.

The Ultimate Dollhouse

Age four is the perfect time to invest in that ultimate dollhouse. If you buy it now it will be played with for many years and can be added to as she grows. Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to the ultimate dollhouse. Some want the prettiest doll house. Some want the Barbie Dream house. What I consider the ultimate doll house is one that is solid, will last and has MANY MANY MANY accessory packs to buy to excite for years to come.

For this reason I have chosen the Plan Toys Doll house as the ultimate doll house. I found seven different doll house styles by Plan Toys. So you can basically create a doll village. Not only that, but there are a ton of different accessory and room packs with tons of fun pieces. There are Gardens, kitchen dishes and accessories, bunk beds, washer and dryer, vacuum cleaners and irons and ironing boards, toys for the dolls and patio furniture. Pretty much anything you can find in YOUR house you can get for your Plan Toys Doll house. Not only that but it's all made of wood and so it will last and last for years to come.


When I was a kid, there was a neighbor boy who had a ton of Playmobil toys. The little boy was a jerk, his mom was a doll, and I would play at his house every chance I got, because I wanted to play with his Playmobil toys. There was nothing more fun in the world than the Playmobil toys. He had everything, a ton of sets and we created imaginary adventures and scenarios that would entertain us for hours and hours on end.

Maybe a doll house isn't the way to go for the 4 year old that you are thinking of. Perhaps Playmobil is a better option. Playmobil is great if you have both a boy and a girl near the same age in a house too, because it's not a girls-only toy, it's an all kids toy. The only limits to playmobil toys are the limits of a child's imagination.

See and Spell

This oldie but goody is perfect for a 4 year old budding Einstein. This has been around for generations teaching colors, letters, phonics and everything else a curious mind needs to know. A preschooler with a see and spell that they use regularly is likely to read better than other kids and do better in the early years at school.

An Educational Handheld Game System

Okay, so this recommendation goes against my usual recommendations of things that will last forever and that are not fad-type toys. But every kid wants and needs a little technology in their lives. We don't want them growing up in the technelogical dark ages, do we? There are several differnt handheld gaming systems to look at for this age. There is the Leapfrog LeapPad 2 Explorer and the Vtech Mobigo 2.

The LeapPad is kind of like an ipad or tablet for your preschooler. It comes preinstalled with 5 apps and you can purchase additional cartridges or buy Apps through the App center online.

The MobiGo looks more like a keyboard slider cell phone. It has a touch screen and a qwerty keyboard. It has many down-loadable games, it's an ebook reader with down-loadable books. A photo album for stored photos and also serves as a coloring book.

Both educational toys are a good choice for any preschooler!


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