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Best Gifts For A Firefighter

Updated on August 28, 2013

Gift Ideas For A Firefighter

Firefigthers do hard work, I know when I was a firefighter the work I did was some of the most physically demanding work I ever did. The problem was my parents, friends, and even relatives did not know what to get me as a gift for Christmas, birthdays, or even graduation. This really upset me because I know I always thought it was straightforward what I wanted as a gift, but I guess I was kind of hard to buy for, yes I know a woman being hard to buy for who would think it! However, when I talked to some of the guys at the station they were having the same issue I was and this really got me to thinking about if people really do need help about what kind of gifts to get firefighters.

The answer finally came to me in a resounding yes, when I started talking to some of my friends. They flat out told me that I was the only firefighter they knew and they had not a clue what to get me. This really upset me because I always try to be straightforward and easy to buy for, but I guess because of my job it really confused a lot of people on what exactly I wanted to get as a gift. The problem actually was so rampant I decided to share some of the gift ideas I always wanted when I was working.

Nomex Hoods

I know the fire department supplies the nomex hoods as part of our protective equipment. However, with my department they always seemed to supply the cheapest and thinnest ones available. I know this sounds bad, but I found these hoods that were supplied to be thin and let quite a bit of the heat through to my ears. This really upset me and I ended up buying my own nomex hood to help alleviate some of the pain I was experiencing while fighting fires. So a great gift idea is to get a nomex hood that is thick and sturdy to help protect peoples heads.

The LifeHammer The Original Life Safety Tool In Action

Four More Gift Ideas I'd Have Loved To Gotten

As if the nomex hoods were not enough of a gift, I have come up with four other gifts that I would have loved to obtained. I know these ideas are not going to suit everyone, but for me they would have really helped out in passing the time or making my day go by alot easier.

  • Gloves may seem like they are a bad idea since the department already supplies some gloves, but you need to realize these are only used for fighting fires. So I would have really loved to get some extrication gloves and even just regular gloves to wear to keep my hands warm.
  • Gear bags is something else I really would have liked to have received as well. When I was riding down the road at my department we would have to transport our gear from station to station. Since we had to bring this with us, it typically meant piling the gear in our vehicles and this can get dirty and messy. With the gear bags everything is contained and easy for you to find and transport.
  • Books are another item I still would have liked to gotten even though I was working in the hard job as a firefighter. You may not realize this, but working at a fire station you are not constantly out on the road or on calls. Sometimes you do have downtime and you need to pass this time.
  • Small handheld camera that is resistant to heat is something else I liked, but never got. These cameras are really nice to have because you can take pictures of some accidents you have been on, but also make it easy for you to record the great memories you make at the fire house.

You can find even more ideas but the key thing to remember is the gifts do not have to be expensive at all.

Really Just The Thought Matters

No matter what kind of gift you get for a firefighter, the main factor to think about is the thought. When you think about the gift and the thought, you are going to find the firefighter knows you appreciate them and the work they are doing. I mean, that is what matters the most, is letting the firefighter or firefighters in your life know that you care about them and who does not like being shown they are cared about?


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