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Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls in 2013 - Christmas, Fifth Birthday and 5-6 Year Olds

Updated on November 21, 2013

5 Year Old Girls Gift Ideas - Up to date 2013 selection

From the latest toys to the most thought out outdoor toys! If you want to know what toys do 5 year old girls want you came to the right place.

This is a hand-picked selection which is a mix of most wished for gifts and things that are age appropriate for a five year old.

There are some exciting new toy releases and there are classic gifts that were and will be popular for ages to come. They are all a great pick!

A Must Have - Rainbow in Their Room

Girls will go crazy about this one!

Even as adults we get that warm fuzzy feeling when we see a rainbow outside and kids love it even more. But real rainbows can't be seen all that often (unless you live in Honolulu, the world's rainbow capital) so some help is in order.


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Dolls

These were released in summer 2013 and are the first My Little Pony girl dolls.

MLP has been a popular animated series for years and girls have always loved the colorful little pony toys but now they can also play with the girl dolls.

These were highly anticipated and are on top of wish lists of many kids and parents alike as these dolls are decent contrary to many other fashion dolls as most of them have swimsuits printed straight on the doll so they are never truly naked.

You can get some of the most popular characters such as Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle...

Have you played with Lego's when you were a kid?

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Lego Blocks - Great gift for their creativity

Lego are the worlds most famous brand of building blocks and they also have a great line for girls called Lego Friends.

Building blocks are great for physical development of the child, they are great for encouraging creativity as they allow the kids to build their own houses and other shapes. They are also very durable so the girls will play with them for years to come (I know I did).


Gifts that will help develop their skills

Gifts that will help them develop additional skills are always a great pick.

There are many skills you can aim at, you can go with the popular easel set that is sure to bring out the little artist in her or you could be getting a musical gift that will show if there's a little Mozart hiding inside her.

Crafting sets are also a good pick, I am sure your girl will appreciate a jewelry making kit, hair braiding kit, mosaic kit... Only the sky is the limit.

Have you ever jumped on a trampoline?

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Best outdoor gifts for a five year olds

Trampolines are really popular and they will keep your girl fit. Keep in mind though not all trampolines are suitable for all ages, a 5 year old should get a smaller one and a safety net is a must.

Inflatable bouncing pads and castles are another hit and kids love them. They are a bit safer than a trampoline (there isn't as much bouncing) but they do get damaged more easily and need a lot more maintenance.

A swing is another popular pick, you can buy them at a store or get creative and build one by yourself.

Outdoor fun with trampoline!


Doll houses are still great gifts

Depending on the kind of doll the girl loves to play with you can get her the doll house. If you don't know which dolls she likes you can get the doll house and the dolls. Generally Barbie Doll houses work best as most popular fashion dolls fit in them.

If you have the required skills you can also make the doll house by yourself, there are tons of store bought and free printable doll house plans to be found online.


Is a fish appropriate gift for a 5 year old?

One of the most wanted gifts on the lists of all young girls is a pet! Be sure to get something that's low maintenance, a fish for example is a great pick.

Gold fishes are really popular but be sure to check with your local pet store owner on their experience with them as some do tend to die rather quickly and need a lot of cleaning (which might be too much responsibility for the kid and too much stress when the fish passes away).

Beta fish are well recommended breed as they usually live long and are easy to keep alive.

Coloring books and story books are great too

I am sure you remember how you colored your coloring books when you were a kid and how much you loved them, or how much you loved hearing that bedtime story.

These are classic gifts that will always be appreciated.



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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      Good hub on possible gifts to give to 5 or 6-year old girls. The gifts shown here all look nice and seem like something that the kids would enjoy and would have fun playing with.