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Groomsmen Gift Ideas: Best Presents for Wedding Ushers

Updated on January 22, 2015
Chris Telden profile image

For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

What is a Groomsman, Exactly?

Groomsmen serve as ushers, guiding guests to their seats, and are part of the wedding party. As such, they also participate in the wedding ceremony, mingle with guests, perform traditional after-wedding rituals and sometimes, in the weeks before the wedding, help organize the bachelor party for the groom.

For a large wedding, with many more people assisting with the ceremony, the groomsmen typically focus on their role as social support and fewer of the logistical responsibilities, such as ushering, fall to the groomsmen themselves.

Traditionally, a bridegroom will choose several groomsmen to be his attendants from among his best friends and family members (brothers, cousins, etc.), and one of these he selects as best man. It's traditional for groomsmen to be male adults, but in these days of nonconventional weddings, women and children sometimes serve as wedding ushers, or "honor attendants."

Being a groomsman is an honor a guy won't forget, so a good groomsman gift will be appreciated long after the wedding. Below find traditional presents for groomsmen (also called "wedding ushers") as well as some ideas that are off the beaten path - such as gag gifts to help break the ice at the wedding celebration.

The Gift

It's traditional to buy gifts for groomsmen in thanks for their help assisting with the wedding ceremony and moral support.

The gifts can be as simple and small as flasks and cufflinks. Or they may be larger or more expensive. Groomsmen gifts should have an aura of luxury about them, whether they cost $300 or less than $20.

It's appropriate either to choose a set of gifts for all your groomsmen or different, individually chosen groomsmen gifts matching the particular personality and tastes of each man.

Cufflinks: Traditional Gift for Groomsmen

Cufflinks are the ideal gift for groomsmen, either chosen individually or as a set. Even if the men don't all wear cufflinks daily - and let's face it, most don't - most guys like owning a pair that's a keepsake from a wedding for which they ushered. And when the next tuxedo event comes around, they're set! The cufflinks here are chosen for their elegant appearance, suitable for formal wedding wear.

Gift Sets Save Time and Money

If you're overwhelmed with the wedding planning and just don't want to spend hours picking out individual gifts for each groomsman, consider:

  • Matching flasks
  • If the groomsmen are all local, get them all tickets (with nice seats, hopefully) to a baseball games, football game, basketball game, or another sporting event, or to a theatre event if they prefer the arts over sports.

Unusual Groomsmen Gifts: Pocket Knife

A Swiss army knife or multitool of excellent quality is a great groomsmen gift. You'd be hard pressed to find a man that doesn't appreciate the convenience of owning a multitool. My husband owns the Leatherman Wave and is literally attached to it at the hip.

Classic Gifts for Groomsmen: Money Clips

Money clips are a traditional present for groomsmen. Elegant and sleek, they can have a metal or leather finish. The reason they're such a great choice? Threefold:

  • They have an aura of luxury about them, making them appropriate for a wedding event.
  • They are a no-fuss gift, suitable for any guy, no matter his tastes or personality.
  • Unless you get the high end gold or leather ones, they're very moderately priced.

Groomsmen Gifts: Sports

For guys who like watching sports, playing fantasy football, or participating in athletics, a sports-themed pair of cufflinks or set of golf balls is perfect.

I've stuck beer steins and tankards in this section, but they are a great groomsman gift in their own right.

The beautiful mugs featured here are specifically for groomsmen and wedding ushers, and they will be used, believe me!

Gag Groomsmen Gift

Humor has always played a part in weddings, even when the couple is not especially offbeat. That's probably because humor is a great icebreaker during a nervous-making formal ceremony. These cuff links exude true elegance at its finest...

Funny Groomsmen Gifts - Groovy Gag Gifts for the Guys

Religious Gifts

On a more serious note, you can give a groomsman a Christian gift of a cross or religious-themed cufflinks that have personal meaning for him.

These are simple but elegant designs that suit a formal affair.

Just, um - well, I'm sure it's obvious, but just in case - make sure he is Christian...

Cigar Gifts for Groomsmen

This cigar holder makes a slightly more expensive luxury gift that - obviously - should only be given to guys who, well, smoke cigars. Since this habit is no longer universal among men, this is not a gift that should be given to all the groomsmen - unless they happen to all have that in common!

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