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Best Halloween Candy And Treats

Updated on October 2, 2008

The Economy Is Sour But The Halloween Treats Are Still Sweet

Okay... so even sour sweets are still yummy but you get the idea. Another Halloween is near so it's time to stock up on candy to satisfy the sweet tooths of hungry kids, gouls and the occasional adult.

Here are some great new candy and treat ideas. As well as some of the old candy favorite stand bys that never fade with time.

We all know how important food safety is these days. So remember when you purchase candies and treats, it is best to buy the ones that are individually wrapped and sealed.

My Favorite Candies And Treats For Halloween

I don't know if it is just me or not, when when I was a kid, I already knew the good brand names of candy like Hershey. So whenever I came across a piece of candy I never heard of, I gave I traded it with my little brother for his Hershey piece.

Multi Function Candy

Candy that you can wear and taste sweet. What more could a kid ask for. I remember I used to link bracelet candys into a long chain and used it as a kung fu style weapon.

Is Fear A Factor For You?

The television show is gone, but the kids can still gross out their friends and parents with gummu flies and beetles.

An Old Time Favorite

This has got to be one of the coolest candies ever invented. The first time I tried pop rocks I nearly had to spit it back out thinking the candy had expired. Pop rocks brought back a lot of memory to me and I'm sure it'll create new ones for kids.

Lollipops With A Looney Tune Twist

Lollipops will always be here. But it can be a little bit boring when its just a round circle. So I really think kids will like seeing their favorite Looney Tunes character as a lollipop treat.

Put A Jelly In Your Belly

Jelly Bellys always come in an intersting mix of flavors. Their Halloween mix is no exception. Jelly Belly beans in tangerine, lemon and licorice flavors. But there is an extra surprise. They've also included chocolate and crisp rice balls, mellocremes. This will surely become a new holiday favor mix.

Cotton Candy With A Twist

Every child loves cotton candy. It's light fluffy and so satisfingly sweet. You really only see kids eat cotton candy in circus and county fairs. I'm starting to wonder why their weren't cotton candy as treats when I was growing up.  

What's your favorite Halloween Candy?

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