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Best Halloween Costumes for Children 2010

Updated on September 30, 2010

Many children look forward all year to Halloween—the night when they can dress up like their favorite sports star, action figure, or cartoon character! Choosing the right costume for your child will depend on his or her interests. Here are the best Halloween costumes for children for Halloween 2010!

·      Pea in the Pod. This costume is particularly a good choice for infants, as it is both warm and adorable. Green peas are a perfect complement to a baby’s small features, and the enclosed costume acts much like a blanket around your baby to keep him warm in case you will be outside on Halloween. Dress other members of your family as different vegetables and you will be a garden set!

·      Minnie Mouse. Minnie has not waned in popularity in recent years, and her polka dot skirt and round black ears are still a favorite during Halloween. Be sure to complete the look with a little red bow! If you happen to have twins or children around the same age, Mickey and Minnie are an unbeatable combination.

·      Horton the Elephant. Horton the elephant from Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who is a good choice for kids who are fans of the 2008 movie based on the book. There are many Horton costumes available online, and many come in romper form with a hat that looks like Horton’s head.

·      Neytiri. Neytiri from Avatar is a popular character to model a costume after. If your kids really want to get into face and body paint, buy about a gallon of blue paint and let them have at it! Don’t forget Neytiri’s tail!

·      Crayola Crayon. Dressing kids up like crayons will make you feel particularly creative! Crayon costumes can be purchased online or made at home easily by using colored poster board and a black marker. Add cones as hats to represent the crayon points. If you have several children who want coordinating costumes, this can be a great choice, as children can pick their favorite color and go as a set.

·      Witch. The witch has been a standard costume choice ever since costumes first started to appear for Halloween in America around the 1930s. The black, pointy hat is a witch’s signature accessory, but the rest of the costume can be made of whatever black material who happen to have at home. Have your little witch carry a broomstick and you never know—you might get some housecleaning out of the deal!

Image Credit: geishaboy500, Flickr


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    8 years ago from Pakistan

    Thanks for sharing as Best Halloween Costumes nice informations


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