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Unique Hanukkah Toys For Children

Updated on December 11, 2011

Would You Buy 'Hanukkah Toys' Only For Hanukkah?

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Hanukkah Festival Of Light & Gifts

Hanukkah Gifts Children Would Love To Get

There is no doubt that Hanukkah is one of the Jewish holidays children love most. There are several reasons why children love Hanukkah so much, first of all it's a story about heroes, and children love heroes!

Then there is the fire, lighting the Menorah (Hanukkah-ya) candles. And of coarse children love Hanukkah because of the games and presents. Hanukkah has dreidels and coin games, at Hanukkah children get gifts..

There are different kind of toys you can buy your children, or plan to give as gifts. It depends on the age of the children whom are getting the toys. In this short review we will share some ideas for best Hanukkah toys children would love receiving.

Buy Babies & Toddlers Hanukkah Toys

When it comes to toys for toddlers, you need to think of the parents when coming to buy Hanukkah gifts. What would the parents expect their children to play with, and which toy would be appropriate for Hanukkah.

Toddlers Hanukkah toys must be safe for children under 3 years old. This means they should not have small parts, no long strings, and the colors should be safe and non toxic.

Here are some of the ideas you can buy babies (0-3) for Hanukkah:

  1. Hanukkah Plush White 7" Bear with Dreidel (furry and cozy)
  2. Gund My First Hanukkah Bear (fury & cozy)
  3. Deluxe Soft Chanukah Set (14 Pieces soft menorah & dreidel)
  4. Kyjen Plush Puppies Hanukkah Dreidel Dog Toy (see photo)

Hanukkah Toy Ideas For Children 3-5 Years

Here are Hanukkah toys for small children (3-5). Note that some of these toys are restricted to the age of 36 month, because they may have small pieces.

Get the wooden Hanukkah toy(like in picture) Click HERE.

  1. Happy Hanukkah Menorah Puzzle (large pieces, easy to assemble)
  2. Hanukkah Coloring & Activity Book (all pictures are from Hanukkah story)
  3. Wikki Stix Chanukah Fun Favors (great to create colorful stuff)
  4. KidKraft Chanuka Set with wooden pieces from Hanukkah theme - Menorah, dreidel, latkes (See photo)
  5. Rite-Lite Judaica Happy Chanukah Stickers in a Box. 4 rolls, Acid & Lignin Free (colorful with over 140 stickers)
  6. Hanukkah Stamp Set (With Menorah, dreidels and more)

Great For Hanukkah - A DIY Candle Kit

Create Hanukkah Candles
Create Hanukkah Candles

Toys Ideas For Older Children 6 - Up

Older children may require more sophisticated Hanukkah games, here you can think of either regular games and toys they love to have, or Hanukkah theme toys.

The kind of games and toys you plan to buy need to take into consideration, if the kids have brothers or sisters to play with.

Here are the Hanukkah toys ideas for older children:

  1. Alex Chanukah Banner (create a 11 feet banner with 400 shapes)
  2. Hanukkah Memory Game (help them remember the festival main stories)
  3. Rite-Lite Judaica Happy Chanukah Stickers in a Box. 4 rolls, Acid & Lignin Free (over 140 stickers)
  4. Great Big Box of Hanukkah Fun: 8 Amazing Activities for the Whole Family(music CD, 8 cardboard latkes, 9 maccabee puzzle .. and much more)
  5. Hanukkah Lite Up Yo Yo (simple but fun!)
  6. Hanukkah Candle Kit (Enough supplies to make your own menorah candles for all eight nights)

Click Here To Get the Hanukkah Candle Kit & More


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