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Best Irish Gift Ideas for St Patrick's Day

Updated on March 12, 2011

St Patrick's Day Irish Gifts

Are you searching for Irish gifts for St Patrick's Day? If so you will find a wide range of Irish gifts here to suit everyone.

St Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th and in 2011 this falls on a Thursday. This is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom and Ireland but the occasion is celebrated much further afield in the United States. There are many ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day from watching the New York parade, going on a pub crawl, visiting Irish heritage and cultural spots and exchanging Irish gifts. Irish gifts can be given to anyone throughout the year but are even more appreciated on March 17th. If you are not from Ireland and are struggling to know which Irish gifts are best for your friend stay tuned as there are lots of gift ideas here. You do not have to spend much money to buy an Irish gift as there gifts from under $10. An Irish gift idea can be a great way for those in the US and outside the Uk in general to celebrate St Patrick's Day. If you live in the Uk or Ireland and have friends in the US why not treat them to an Irish gift, or similarly if you are in the US and have friends in the Uk or Ireland why not send them some Irish love with a beautiful Iirsh gift.

This page will provide the best Irish gifts for St Patrick's Day. These gifts will be affordable and suit people with a wide variety of interests. What better way to celebrate St Patrick's Day than to exchange a few gifts.

Cheap Irish Gifts Under $15

These Grasslands Celtic Irish coffeee mugs are a bargain at $12 or less. There are several available all with a different message and engraving. Choose from friendship,love and loyalty, herself or himself, sister, mother or other Irish blessings. These mugs are finished extremely well and would look great on anyone's kitchen table or even in a display cabinet.

There has been some positive feedback received on the mugs with buyers saying that they are beautiful mugs which are larger than they appear in the photograph. These celtic mugs would make a great gift for your mum, dad, grandparents, sister, friend or even a tourist.

Waterford Crystal Gifts

The Irish are famous for their crystal and one of the best providers is Waterford. They are also well known for their drinking especially on St Patrick's Day, therefore it is extremely appropriate to send Waterford crystal drinking glasses as an Irish gift.  You can choose from chmpagne flute glasses, wine glasses and goblets. If you are buying for someone that does nto drink why not buy them some Waterford crystal juice glasses instead. The glasses are beautifully finished and like the celtic mugs would look stunning in a glass cabinet with a light reflecting off the crystal.

Learn Irish Language

Perhaps one of the greatest Irish gifts you can give is a language book and some software to help your friend learn Irish. There is no better time to learn Irish than on St Patrick's Day. Irish can be a difficult language to grasp you it is necessary to have some CD roms and learning materials to guide you.

This will be a great way to impress your friends in Ireland. People appreciate when you can speak their mother tongue, and it is a great way to earn respect amongst the Irish.

Irish Jewelry Gifts

An Irish jewelry gift is a great gift idea for any women, whether it be your mum, sister, grandmother, wife, girlfriend or friend. These gifts can be given throughout the year rather than being reserved for St Patrick's Day.

Irish jewelry is based on the celtic design, which is stunning. There are a range of bracelets, necklaces, and claddagh rings (shown below) which are typical of those available in Ireland. I have presented a range of celtic necklaces and one bracelet to the right. These come in sterling silver and make a beautiful but affordable St Patrick's Day gift.

If you want to spend under $10 why not choose the Irish friendship bracelet. If you want to spend a little more perhaps your budget would stretch to one of the beautiful celtic pendants, which are available on Amazon for a fraction of retail price.  

Will you be buying some Irish Gifts?

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