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Best Kids' Morphsuits

Updated on June 14, 2012
green man kids' morphsuit
green man kids' morphsuit

Kids are desperate to their hands on Morphsuits which make great costumes for Halloween, parties , sports and other social events.

Morphsuits allow them the freedom to express themselves, while leaving them free movement to run and play like kids love to do.

Made from expandable lycra, kids will get some wear out of Morph suits which stretch to accommodate them as they grow, as they are fully washable can be re-worn on separate occasions.

Morph suits morph their bodies into the character they want to disguise themselves as, or else just choose a bright primary color for them to wear.

What kid doesn't want to be green man, or blue man, or whatever color is their favorite.

Morphsuits are by far the best idea to hit the costume market for years, and what's even better is that they are affordable.

Things you can do in a Morphsuit

While plain color Morphsuits are al the rage, they are also available in an ever-increasing range of designs and patterns too.

Suitable for both boys and girls, Morphsuits are made of expandable lycra, so your quickly growing child should get quite a bit of use out of them.

Morphsuits are not just for costume parties. They can be used as play suits too. The only difficulty for a kid will be undoing the zip at the back to disrobe when he or she wants to go to the toilet.

While liquids will go through the spandex material easily enough, allowing kids to drink, solids won't, so the head part will have to taken off at parties when kids want to eat the goodies laid out before them.

Even so, isn't that the way with most costumes?

Kids are going to be demanding a Morphsuit for Halloween this year as they really have captured the world's imagination.

With a range of over 70 styles, patterns and colors to choose from, what are you waiting for?

Black Morphsuits

I think black Morphsuits look incredible, and there are sizes available that are just perfect for your child.

The only word of caution I would mention about wearing all black, including the head, as is shown here, is that kids wearing them will be almost invisible to traffic.

If your child is wearing a black Morphsuit, take especial care when near roads if they are very young.

There are many sizes available, not just the one shown, so you are sure to find one that is just perfect for your child.

Morphsuits feature a hidden zipper for getting in and out of them, and is situated at the back of the head, out of sight.

Kids Morphsuits aren't just for Halloween.

They can be used by junior dance troops, sports fans and clubs, sporting events, school events and a whole host of social activities involving kids.

Available in beautiful rainbow colors, there are a multitude of uses and occasion when groups would want to use Morph suits when can also be accessories with wigs, hats, glasses, and even over-clothes.


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