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7 Best Monster Themed Birthday Cakes

Updated on October 23, 2014

Time for some monster-licious goodies!

It's your kid's birthday party and you have decided on hosting a grand monster themed birthday party. Without a doubt you must also be on the lookout for some creative monster themed birthday cakes. On this page you will get to see some of these spooky yet yummylicious monster birthday cakes for kids which are sure to leave an impact. Can't bake them yourself? You can always show the cake on this page to a professional and give him/her an idea of what is to be replicated. But where's the fun in that right? I am sure all baking enthusiasts here would agree. So for such people, there is an added fun of trying to recreate the look.

The addition of cake toppers can always make a birthday cake more in tune to the theme in mind. So always do your research on finding the best of cake toppers (edible and non edible) and have a pulse on the latest deals and offers at your nearest cake supplies outlet so that you can get the best of products without digging deep into your pockets. If you can't find what you are looking for, then you can always rely on the World Wide Web to provide the essentials for you in just a few clicks. Without further ado, here's presenting a slideshow of the best monster themed birthday cakes for kids. Enjoy!

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Monster Themed Cake - Simply Sweets Cake Studio

Monster with horns cake
Monster with horns cake | Source

Simply Sweets is a cake studio which is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and they have baked this pretty neat looking monster cake. It was originally created for a customer's husband but you can use this monster cake for a child's birthday party as well.

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

Cookie monster cake
Cookie monster cake | Source

This cute cookie monster cake is sure to please all kids. Sesame Street's famous muppet's voracious appetite is displayed convincingly on this cake with a bunch of cookies in its mouth. Of course you can replace the cookies with anything because the cookie monster eats just about everything but it goes without saying that his most favorite food item (but obviously!) remains crunchy cookies. The link shown above doesn't exactly give you a recipe or an online bakery where you can order the cake from, but if you are a baking pro you can always try this out at home!

Monster Cake by Sweet Art Shop

Fondant Monster Cake
Fondant Monster Cake | Source

This 3D monster birthday cake for kids stands tall at 24". How creative is this cake baked by Sweet Art Shop! Made from fondant and modeling chocolate, this is the perfect little cake for a monster themed birthday party.

5 Eyed Monster Cake

A super cool monster cake with cake pops as eyes
A super cool monster cake with cake pops as eyes | Source

Jen's son wanted a 5 eyed monster cake and this is what she came up with! An absolutely creative, cute, orange toned monster cake with cake pops as eyes. The monster hair on the birthday cake is perfectly done. Head over to the link shown below the picture to get more details on the monster birthday party she hosted for her son.

Green Swamp Monster Cake

Monster themed chocolate cake covered with fondant
Monster themed chocolate cake covered with fondant | Source

Swamp monsters are mythical characters which have been depicted in movies and story books over the years. This particular swamp monster is not scary at all though and is suitable for a kid's monster themed birthday party. Of course there are more scarier versions of monster themed cakes you can opt for provided your child is an adolescent. Such a type of cake is shown afterwards on this page. For the time being enjoy Caketopia's version of a cutesy monster birthday cake and head over to the page to see more pictures.

Terrifying Monster Cake in Chocolate Dirt

A vanilla head and chocolate dirt monster cake
A vanilla head and chocolate dirt monster cake | Source

This chocolate and vanilla monster themed cake is a gory one created for a 9 year old who insisted on a cake that would spook off his guests (in a good way of course). The whole cake is edible including the blood which is made of red gel and nails which are made out of almonds. Quite creative right? A monster birthday cake for kids who want a spookier version for their special day. Head over to the link shown below the picture to get more details on how the creator tackled the look of this particular monster cake.

Cute Monster Birthday Cake

A very cute monster birthday cake
A very cute monster birthday cake | Source

The blogger has given step by step instructions on how to create this really adorable monster birthday cake. Head over to her website now to see more pictures! It is pretty simple to make and you can very well bake this cake yourself for your kid's birthday party. Save on some expenses this way! Not only is it easy to make but the cake totally gels with a monster themed birthday party theme.

Help Video - How to Decorate Your Monster Cake


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    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 4 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Amazing.....and very creative. The photos you included are the best. Thanks for writing and share with us. Voted up!


    • divacratus profile image

      Kalpana Iyer 4 years ago from India

      With a little bit of practice anything is possible I guess :) Thanks for taking the time out to comment

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Cookie Monster has always been a favourite character of mine. I love the cookies in his mouth. Great ideas for kids birthday cakes. Some I think would be reasonably easy to re-create - not sure about the hair though.

    • missali profile image

      missali 4 years ago

      These cakes are so cute! Don't quite think I have the skills to attempt something like this though :)