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The Best Party Lights

Updated on January 2, 2011

Introduction to the Best Party Lights

When you want to have a party one of the most important things is to have the best party lights possible. Nothing sets the mood better than the best party lights, whether you want a disco ball, a strobe light, or even just strands of colorful lighting around your home.

Finding the best party lights is not always easy, but hopefully we will be able to give you a few ideas on what you need to give your party the lighting ambiance it needs. Remember that decorations are good, but even the simplest of party lights can totally change a living room in to a a vibrant party area!

Over the coming article I will be giving you the very best party lights for any occasion, whether it is a Christmas occasion, or a disco party!


Types of Party Lights

Party lights come in many shapes and form's and you may want to use of combination of some of the best party lights types to get the very best party atmosphere, whatever the celebration. There are all kinds of party lights out there to help make your party the party of the year.

Choosing the best party lights for your needs might seem like a daunting task, but once you know what kinds of party lights are available, the whole thing becomes much easier!

Background Party Lights

Background party lights can be anything from festive christmas lights to light strands. These add a bit of color to any party, indoors or outdoors, and they instantly shout out that there is fun to be had! Having strands of colorful lights around your home, in your trees, or across your furniture definitely helps set the mood, a little bit indulgent and a whole lot of fun.

Some of the best party lights are background lights, which  give a colorful glow to any room, and can come in a wide variety of colors and styles, you can even choose background party lights that have flashing patterns to make the lights more of a focal point!

Ambient Party Lights

Ambient party lights really can set both the mood and the tone of a party. Unlike other lights you generally don't see the source of the best ambient party lights, instead you aer just basked in the reflected light off of a wall or an ornament.

Ambient party lights come in all sizes, and can light up a picture, a wall, or even an entire room in the color of your choice.  You can even get ambient party lights which gradually change from one color to another, giving a real feel of something special to your party.

I have always thought that ambient lights are the best party lights for making your party guest feel as if they really are a part of something, not just attending an event.

Disco Ball Party Lights

The best parties absolutely need disco ball party lights. There is something about a disco ball which instantly turns even the most basic of living rooms in to a dancing zone ready for a party.  The best part is that all you need is  adisco ball, and a couple of lights to shine at it.  For preference you should use disco ball party lights, but if you want to keep things cheap you can use a flashlight or two and use some colored clear film to make it look even better.

Laser Party Lights

If you want more of a rave than a disco then some laser party lights can kick the dancing off and get everyone ready to party till dawn. Most laser lights can really help set the mod with a wide array of patterns and designs which bring the room to life, they are often combined with Strobe Lights!

Strobe Lights

You can use strobe lights to give that unique stop motion effect, perfect when people are jumping around without a care in the world.For larger parties a strobe light is a great way to turn the dance floor in to a real party atmosphere!


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      TopUniverse 7 years ago

      Checked the different types of best party lights and noted down for having it in the next occasion. Colorful lights on the occasion is a real pleasure and joy.