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Best Presents for Dog Lovers

Updated on December 19, 2015

In Brief

  • Grooming mitt
  • Deer antler chew
  • Bulk Greenies
  • Dog bed
  • Drinking fountain

Almost everyone has a dog-loving friend or family member. Here are some suggestions of perfect gift ideas for the dog owner in your life.

As a dedicated (possibly somewhat obsessive) dog owner myself I have selected products I know and love that I think will be truly appreciated and not forgotten soon after they are unwrapped.

It is not always natural to buy presents for other peop0le'sdogs--but if they are getting presents for you, that time has probably come :)

This hub contains no affiliate links or kickback system of any kind. I am simply recommending products I use and gift myself--because I think they are the best! These gifts will show that you truly understand how much pets mean to the people in your life.

Under $10: Grooming Mitt

Practical tools can make a great gift. They are useful and thoughtful and reflect better in the giver than the usual rawhide treat or tennis ball. Every time your friend or relative uses a well-designed grooming device they will think if you!

If your loved one has a short haired dog the Kong "Zoom Groom" is an inexpensive option that can be found for under ten dollars at most pet retailers. It is well designed to massage, groom and reduce shedding.

For long haired dogs a fitted mitt groomer like the Mikki Rubber Grooming Glove makes for a better grip and comes at a similar price.

If you loved one is grooming with combs and brushes these rubber grooming tool will be a great new tool that both they and their dogs will love.

Under $20: Enduring Chew toys

Most dogs love to chew and those festive raw-hides will barely last the night. Dog owners often baulk at paying a little more for longer lasting chews as they seem a tad expensive, but not when you take into account how long they will last.

The best chews are natural products that spark of a dogs chewing instincts. I would recommend either a pack of hooves or a good deer antler, which should be easy to acquire for about $15. And while slightly morbid, an elk (a.k.a. deer) antler makes a very suitable Christmas gift.

Under $40: Bulk Greenies or Sweater

Greenies are a great treat that help keep a dog's teeth clean and health. This reduces the need for expensive cleaning by a veterinarian. The down side is, these things are expensive. Even if your loved one is already giving their dog Greenies they will really appreciate you picking up the cost of a big box of these minty wonders. Just make sure you get the right size for the size of dog. If they are too small large dogs may try to swallow them whole which can be a choking hazard!

If you want something a bit more exciting check out the Chilly Dog line of knitted dog sweaters. They come in a range of adorable designed like sock monkey (completed with hood with monkey ears). These are very well made, durable and warm sweaters.

No fair, Storm Troopers are stealing my Greenies!
No fair, Storm Troopers are stealing my Greenies!

Under $80: A Dog Bed with Bolster Sides

Most dogs have a bed, but does it has padded bolster sides? If not invest in a good bolster bed and be secure in the knowledge that even dogs love a raised pillow. I like the Dr Fosters and Smith design but pretty much any think with this design will be a hit. Get one with extra padding in the bed for older dogs. For convenience, a removable and washable cover is always a good idea.

See that padded ring around the bed, that is the "bolster".  It can go all the way around or just three sides.
See that padded ring around the bed, that is the "bolster". It can go all the way around or just three sides.

Under $100: Drinking Fountain

A dog water bowl with a fountain keeps water fresh and appeals to dogs. Especially with older dogs it is important to encourage good water intake for gut and kidney health and to ensure a long and healthy life. Encouraging good water intake can also help the lawn lover as it makes urine less damaging to grass.

You can get cheaper fountains for as a gift for a house proud family i would recommend going for the designer look and quality construction for a ceramic drinking found such as the one made by PetSafe which goes for 80-100 dollars and comes in round and square designed to match the d├ęcor. It has a minimalist look but a refined dog owner will appreciated that you opted for quality and durability.


Do you buy presents for the dogs of friends and family members?

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Anyone can buy a cellophane pack of treats or a squeaky toy, but these gift ideas show some thought about what will be both fun and useful! These may get you started thinking of some other options of you own. Just remember, always buy safe and avoid cheap consumable items like jerky that might make the dog sick! Focus on well designed items that make life easier for pet and owner. these are the gist that your loved one and their animal companion will really appreciate and remember.


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    • word55 profile image


      4 years ago from Chicago

      Very interesting hub. Wished I still had my Alaskan Husky, Cinnamon. Thank you

    • EGamboa profile image

      Eileen Gamboa 

      4 years ago from West Palm Beach

      Very good and practical advice!


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