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Best Tips For Kids Party In A Small Space

Updated on May 18, 2014
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Do you own a Small Apartment or space that restricts you from celebrating your kids birthday party? Here are few tips that will help you convert this birthday party into a really huge one by just adding few tips to make it something really very special.

Selecting a venue can be a real hole in to the parent’s pocket, who really wants to make it that big. Spending thousands for just some hours for your toddlers can be real smashing things. And if your kid is really not satisfied with the same venue and theme as well, the space won’t be justified for the expense that you have really paid. Thus, we give you few tips to do a party at your own house, even in just a small space.

Tips For Kids' Party In A Small Space:

1. Guest List Must Be Very Small:

You need not invite all the guests who are not intended for a party, like the parents or those of not your kid’s age. The main motive is to have celebration and fun, yes don’t just call anyone with whom your kids will not enjoy. This may be a little difficult and even awkward, but I am sure they will understand and also your kids will get the birthday wishes that they wanted from. This too will also hep to restrict on your budget for food and favour cost cutting.

2. Choose A Budget Theme:

Choose a theme which is of your kid’s interest and needs less planning. You can just choose some simple menu with the best fancy dress idea.

3. Send Your Invitation By The Email:

You can save the cost of your birthday party here by sending just an email invitations and mailing the details.

4. Take The Help Of Your Kids And Their Friends To Prepare Decorations:

A small apartment can be given a very creative transformation by just a simple thought as well. You can use some homemade ideas for the decorations to save money and add a very festive touch to the room. Make your kids and their friend to do some Craft. this is a best way to keep them busy as well as you can also add some of their drawings to make them feel really excited for the upcoming bash.

5. Go For A Small And Simple Menu:

You can go for a small and simple menu just for a perfect budget. You may not need to give a full meal as they are just toddlers and may waste many of the menus. You can always opt for a good tea party, hot chocolate, sandwiches, and some cookies. For a cake, you can just go for few cupcakes that can be kept nicely on the kitchen table.

6. Select Some Simple Favors:

Instead of some favors, you can give your kid guests a small and a very cute toy. You can give them some nice stuffed animals which they will really feel happy about.

7. Restrict The Timing:

Select the mid-afternoon timing for your kid’s birthday party, so that you will not have to give your guest the full meal and restrict the timing for 2 hours. This time is just enough for the party of your kids. You can always feel free to add timing on the invitation, and encourage your kids to handle those favours.

8. Clean The Playing Area:

Clean the playing area to keep some roll of paper, crayons and loads of stickers. Just shut the doors and room to let your little ones enjoy to the core.

Hope the tips are useful for you in making your kids birthday party a really special one in a budget. Do share your experience with us!

© 2014 Jayshree Bhagat


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