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Best Gift Ideas for Little Boys 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Great Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Boys

If you have a little guy on your gift-giving list, you already know that little boys have great imaginations with plenty of energy to spare.

Here are some great gift ideas that will satisfy any creative and active little boy.

For the next time you are searching for that perfect gift, a few of these ideas might just be the ticket to put a big smile on your little one's face.

A Gift for Little Boys Who Love Cars

Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go

Little boys are bundles of raw energy and they need toys that can help them burn it off, but also toys that engage their imaginations.

If you are looking for a gift for a young boy, then consider this Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! Disney/Pixar Cars 2 - World Grand Prix. Appropriate for children ages 3-8, this track will keep 'em entertained like nothing else.

This Grand Prix set puts Lightning McQueen and Francesco on the speedway. Having two cars means a child can play with a sibling, or friend. The set does take up a bit of floor space so be prepared to have a place to keep it set up.

The entire thing measures 41" x 31" x 5". To make them go, they simply shake the cars and watch them race up to 20 feet at a time. It does take a bit of shaking to get them to go however, so you might need to help the child the first few times.

It features the camera from the movie to let them knock the cars off track if they choose. Instead of just racing around the track, the cars can get stop at the garage for repairs.

There are other cars from the movie can be collected; these are sold separately and include, Finn McMissle, Nigel Gearsley, Mater, Professor Z, Holley Shiftwell, and Jeff Gorvette

A Gift for Creative Little Boys for 2013

The LEGO Ideas Book

Every parent knows what it's like - you buy a themed LEGO set and build the creation a few times, and then they sit unused for a length of time. Perhaps the original plans have been lost. This book,The LEGO Ideas Book gets those toys out of the toy box and back to use.

Written by Daniel Lipkowitz, this handy tool will keep your kids entertained for hours upon hours. The book is divided into six different chapters that include transportation, building, space, kingdoms, adventure, and useful makes.

Instead of the projects being instructed step by step, the author gives you lots of templates and spreads so your child can expand on his own creativity.

You should be aware that the book uses a lot of specialized LEGO pieces and you will have to use what you have to figure out how to make the items; there is no list of LEGO pieces shown to indicate what should be used.

No matter the skill level, the book simplifies some of the details so it can be easily used by everyone.

Pretend and Play Camp Set

Imaginary Play Ideas for Little Boys

To further ignite imagination, get this Pretend and Play Camp Set. Pitch a sheet up in the middle of his bedroom and you have an instant campground! The set will make him feel like a real outdoorsman with the 9 pieces included.

He can use the water bottle and working compass watch to "hike" with, cook dinner over his imaginary fire with the pan, have some hot chocolate in the cup and eat dinner with the utensil set.

If he has any accidents, he can perform first aid on himself with the first aid kit. To get his tent site ready, or dig a latrine hole, he can use the shovel.

More True to Life Camp Play

The best pieces in the set are the battery powered lantern and stove and run on 2 AA batteries that are not included. The lantern will be fun to use inside any makeshift tent, or even as a nightlight.

He can even take it with him on a real camping trip and he will feel like such a big boy. As an accessory, you can get a little backpack for him to carry his gear.

Role Playing Ideas for Little Boys

Melissa and Doug Pirate Costume Role Play Set

Every Boy Wants to be a Pirate -- arghh!!

One thing that many kids know is that it doesn't need to be Halloween to get into a costume. This Melissa and Doug Pirate Costume Role Play Set will have him feeling like a swashbuckling pirate on the high seas.

The set comes with a fabric (not plastic) pirate tunic that includes red & white striped sleeves, a vest with gold buckles and a red sash for the waist, all in one piece.

No pirate outfit is complete without a hat that features a skull and crossbones and an eye patch. The foam sword can easily fit into a loop around the belt so he has a way to carry it with him hands free.

Instead of being made with hard plastic, the foam ensures that no one will get hurt during play. The eye patch is also made with soft plastic instead of hard plastic to ensure more safety against the eye.

This is not made from the thin and easily torn fabric that most costumes are made with these days; the materials used are actually very sturdy, so it should last through many wears. The shirt has velcro closures that make getting into, and out of, quite easy.

Electronic Gift Idea for Little Boys

Super Mario Bros to the Rescue

It seems that video games are popular, no matter the age of a child. With classic characters, you and your boy will both enjoy this New Super Mario Bros for the Wii.

The game is true to the old versions with the side scrolling platform as characters collect coins and kill bad guys.

Game play is a bit better and easier on this version of the Nintendo console with more smooth movements.

One of the coolest things about this game is that you can now play simultaneously with others; even up to four players in all! It features competitive and cooperative multiplayer options.

Hook Up With Classic Characters

Playable characters include Mario, Luigi and two Toads while many other familiar characters show up throughout the game.

A new fun item is the propeller suit which will shoot players into the sky with a simple shake of the Wii remote. It seems that they condensed game play, especially how each level seems shorter than they used to be, but this might be a good thing for younger boys with short attention spans. Game play is still challenging enough to ensure long time enjoyment

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