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Best Uses for Blue As the Theme for Your Event

Updated on April 19, 2013

When it comes to renting linens for events, blue tablecloths aren’t exactly uncommon. There are a wealth of different events that can call for the use of such a neutral color, and luckily for those in the market to do so, there are plenty of different shades of blue, so whatever your event calls for, you're likely to find what you need.

One of the best uses for blue tablecloths is at a corporate function. A medium-toned blue that isn't too bright or too dark can impart a professional atmosphere into a function and it may even help workers stay focused if they're at a conference.

But a professional atmosphere isn't the only place that blue table linens feel right at home—at your home, they can pull a room's decor together. If you're not sure you want to stick with blue as a color scheme at home, blue tablecloth rental is one easy way to find out how much you like the color as part of your everyday life. Blue is a great color for those trying to watch their weight, as well, and using a blue tablecloth, plate, or placemat has been said to curb appetite and decrease blood pressure. Even if that's not your goal, blue linens in the dining room can simply look pleasant and inviting.

However, renting linens for home use isn't as common as renting linens for an event is, and in the case of blue table linens, there are so many events that they would be appropriate at. For example, a pale blue would be great at young boy's birthday party, or you could use blue to say "It's a boy!" at a baby shower.

Because blue is such a versatile color, it can also be used for engagement parties, weddings, or anniversary parties. Thankfully, there are different types of fabrics that you can look into using that can lend your next event an elegant look and feel. A light blue satin would add an ethereal, elegant look for a wedding reception, especially if paired with complementing accessories. However, a dark blue could add more serious, tone that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve in terms of the tone of your event.

My Personal Criteria

When looking for a company that offers tablecloth rental, it's important to consider what sort of events that company specializes in, as that may dictate what sort of options they'll be able to offer you. While many companies do cater to a variety of events, if you are looking to outfit a wedding reception room, it would be in your best interest to seek out a linen rental company that specializes in special events and not corporate functions. Likewise, if you're hosting a business retreat, rental companies that specialize in weddings may have a hard time accommodating requests for more subdued fabrics.

So how can you decide what type of tablecloth rental will be best for the look you're trying to achieve? First of all, consider the size of the room you're having the event in. In bigger rooms, darker colors can thrive, while lighter colors may make the room look even larger if you are trying to create an open, airy feel. On the contrary, if you're hosting the event in a smaller banquet room, choose a lighter shade of blue so that the room doesn't feel cramped once the guests are in it. You should also consider the sort of event it is when choosing a fabric. If it's a formal affair, smooth and unobtrusive fabrics are what you'll want-—fabrics like damask or satin-sheen cloths. If it's a more informal event, however, you can pick more casual cotton fabrics or ones with coarser weaves to add more visual interest and texture.

You're not limited at all when you choose to go with a blue tablecloth rental for your event. In addition to having the choice of many, many shades of the hue, you can also accident it with accessories like chair covers, jackets or ties, as well as napkins and table overlays, including table runners. Creating visual interest is as easy as using a contrasting color, a different fabric, or simply something the break up the monochromatic feel that solid-color tablecloths can create.

While blue is a popular color for events, it's popular for a reason. Blue offers so many possibilities for what you can do in the realm of decor, that no matter what your event's theme, level of formality, or location, there's a shade and fabric out there that's just what you've been looking for. You'll be able to create the exact look you want, whether that means midnight blue with fuchsia accents, a combination of sky blue and navy, or anything in between.


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